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     Global announcement:
    Herman Cain callers for Iowa

    * Starts: Friday, July 15, 2011 11:00 AM
    * Ends: Thursday, July 21, 2011 12:00 PM
    * Details:

    Message:As Herman Cain would say "Lead by example". The average we need is 72 per caller. Everyone of us can do more, right? Calling for Cain in Iowa! WE NEED EVERYONE'S HELP! The Ames Straw Poll in Iowa is coming up August 13. This is the first get together for the Iowa GOP Caucus that they take a Straw Poll on who the members attending prefer. It is CRITICAL that Herman Cain do well and preferably...

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  • 20110713
     Global announcement:
    time to really get behind Herman Cain
    If you have some time volunteers needed for the Ames Straw Poll Phone bank.
    Sign up here:
    You may contact the man in charge of the phone bank on Facebook.His page is here:
    Steven Hensler,Herman Cain ph bank director
    Funding also much needed for the Straw Poll Event.Send...

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  • 20110521
    By Herman Cain
    I graduated from Morehouse College with a degree in mathematics in 1967. Back then, we didn’t use fancy calculators to solve problems. Instead, we utilized formulas to “solve for x.”

    The same holds true in life. Throughout my own, “solving for x” meant learning how to nurture a family, how to navigate the corporate world during unfavorable times and how to deliver results. In delivering these results, I have always maintained a sense of humanity while achieving bottom lines and profitability. It stems from my humble beginnings, upbringing and spiritual compass.

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     Global announcement:
    the story of Herman Cain from Herman Cain himself:

    About Herman Cain: My Story

    I was raised in Atlanta, Georgia by loving and hardworking parents. We grew up poor, but we grew up happy. Things weren’t always easy, but my mom and dad knew that if they kept their faith in God, faith in themselves and their faith in the greatest country in the world, they, too, could achieve their American Dream.

    That dream, we discovered, was for my parents to own their own home and watch their two sons graduate from college. Those dreams required that my father work three...

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     Announcement: [ Poll ]
    Would a Cain/Gingrich Ticket be a winning ticket?

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  • 20110827
    Yes, Ron Paul served his country. So did John McCain.While i admire and respect both men for their service-as we should all servicemen-i would not vote for either of these ppl for Pres.

    Ron Paul,contrary to his followers insistence,is not pro life.
    This is typical political speak. "While i don't support abortion personally " is how this begins. They get ppl who are truly pro life to vote for them but they make sure they don't rattle the chains of people...

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  • 20110802
    I did not write this and cannot take credit.I have also blocked out the author's name because it was sent as a private message. It's worth reading every word!

    Re: Kathleen Parker’s 7-24-11 op-ed article in Washington Post, “The Education of Herman Cain”

    "Dear Ms. Parker:

    During some 18 years as an assistant state attorney general, I occasionally litigated constitutional issues before a federal judge who famously cautioned attorneys to “give me citation not conversation.” He would have excoriated you for sanctimoniously declaring that “As dozen’s have...

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  • 20110704
    there are some candidates out there you are taking a good look at. I would look no further than Herman Cain.He is the man for OUR times. He is the one we need to elect in 2012. He speaks to the people.He knows the American people.He has the American spirit.This is a man who came from a poor working class background.This is a man who went to college because his dad worked 3 jobs &,who worked his own way up through everything life threw at him. This is a man who credits his parents for teaching him to believe in God,himself and the American dream. There is no other candidate like Herman Cain.Not...

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  • 20110704
    You know how we used to think Jimmy Carter was the worst Pres in U.S.history-BHO now gets that title hands down.It could be worse though.Imagine Biden. Even Hillary Clinton would have been better than these 2;albeit she's a Progressive just like they are.She may have had the brains to be pragmatic.

    However,the Democratic party has one up on everyone and it could mean BHO winning re-election.NOTE i said COULD.not will. They have 1 candidate-as lousy as he is- and they know who they're supporting.
    Now let's look on the other side where there are several candidates...

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  • 20110704

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  • 20110702
    tell me why you think i should think Herman Cain is not a viable candidate? Why he wasn't going to get this far? Why he wouldn't make it because he's a long shot?

    For you left sided pundits on the bandwagon for your candidate i have no reason to put any faith in you for objective analysis.Obama is walking on water as far you're concerned.What you put out is propoganda. Let's just overlook the nasty little details you might have presented to the American people like he has Marxists in his administration. This might be important.For you right sided pundits thanks for throwing a conservative...

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  • 20110630
    Forever running into these articles saying the contenders for the Rep nomination do not generate enthusiasm but notice one name missing.Herman Cain.He generates positive intensity and enthusiasm. Maybe that's why they don't mention him.

    I'll be darned if i'm going to the polls this Nov and plugging my nose to vote. This is why I'm sticking w the one candidate that CAN beat Obama. Herman Cain.
    Then i hear he doesn't have specifics.Aren't these the same people that used to complain a candidate doesn't have a vision?

    He's got enough specifics.This is the...

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  • 20110630
    Ok.Cainiacs,we're on the battlefield. Here's a little strategy for your consideration.
    Any other ideas.Add em.The more the merrier.Whatever we can do,we will do.

    1. Get some FB people who support Cain and convert em to Twitter.They don't have to give up FB but we could sure use the Cain twitters over here.

    2. I'm looking into some HC buttons and will provide an address for anyone who wants some.Gotta see what i can work out first.

    Got mine.Wear it with pride.
    3. BLOGGERS. We gotta have HC bloggers. I would look into and see if they're taking...

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  • 20110628
    it's late so here's the reasons very quickly.i think i speak for the majority of Cainiacs when i say this:
    1. Herman Cain has not held political office.Thank God.He will not be beholden to anyone.He will not get caught up in the game.He will not go to Washington knowing how it works.He will change how it works.
    2. Herman Cain is not being supported by the GOP establishment.Nothing against the people of the party(they're terrific)but the establishment is looking everywhere but Cain for a candidate THEY can crown.One week it's this person-the next week it's another. This time it's...

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  • 20110624
    For that matter why Herman Cain should win.
    Anyone remember the last election? A lot of folks stayed home.{Wonder why?} The rest of the folks did the party unity thing and voted McCain.
    Look at the field we have now. Sorry folks. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ
    What does Herman Cain bring to the field? Krauthammer et al don't seem to get this.
    ENTHUSIASM as in finally being inspired. We like him. Isn't this what they we're all saying was lacking and now they want to ignore it?
    Ok.He's not polished, rehearsed,fabricated.Ok.He's what? You know.REAL.
    Let the talking heads keep...

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  • 20110624
    The words that convinced me to get on the Cain Train to the White House might sur prise some. He included them in his C-pac speech*.In the vernacular of his grandfather Cain said, " I does not care." That was it! I got on board and am not getting off. The fact is this. Herman Cain does not care if he speaks the truth plain and simple. He doesn't use the lofty speak of Obama but then he doesn't use a teleprompter either. Lofty speech sounds intelligent to some but it's also called sophistry.Obama can say a lot without really saying anything.
    Herman Cain can say a little and speak volumes.

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  • 20110623
    First of all we need to get these pledgers up. The economy is in terrible shape and none of us have a lot to spare but if we can just give what we're able it will be brighter days ahead. Herman Cain cannot win on wishful thinking.If that were the case we know it'd be a done deal.
    (He'd be in the WH NOW.) So this is a small investment with a big return.I know it's hard but we're short approx 1,500 pledgers. Get the word out. Twitter,Facebook-wherever else you go. There are pdf files you can print out for Herman Cain as well as business cards.If you have a printer-print em out and pass em around....

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  • 20110621
    can we put it to rest?
    An antagonist-the usual Kamikaze style-shoots out a question to Herman Cain. A blogger for*(red flag) asks Mr.Cain “Would you be comfortable appointing a Muslim either in your Cabinet or as a federal judge?”
    The key word here is comfortable.Remember Juan Williams who left NPR for a similar statement-he said he wouldn't be comfortable if there were a Muslim on an aircraft with him. Now saying you would never hire a Muslim is a far cry from being honest enough to say you would not be comfortable.It's still a far cry from saying under no circumstances would you ever...

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  • 20110618
    Normally i wouldn't blog about another candidate but this time have to make an exception.

    I get that ppl are getting behind candidates they believe they can fully support.I also get that politics can be ugly if the candidate chooses not to rise above politics.A reason we like Herman Cain.He has remained civil to all the other candidates.He's saying hands off unless he's attacked first. He does have the right to defend himself and we also have the right to speak up for Mr Cain.That's not being negative. It's being real. However, there is a point at which people can become rude,nasty...

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  • 20110618
    We are going to have an uphill battle all the way but we've gotten this far when they said Herman Cain would not get this far. The GOP is going to continue to persuade various people to get into the race-and until Herman Cain actually wins the nomination they will do their utmost to get someone else to win.

    The LSM and the pundits have made this abundantly clear.Mr Cain has suffered the worst betrayal of all.People he admired greatly made terrible comments about him that weren't necessary.O Reilly is correct in saying he doesn't cheer lead for various people but by that same standard...

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  • 20110617
    The Substance of the Debate
    Ms Bachman made her announcement that she would be making a formal announcement soon-then the questioning went to another candidate.She also mentioned her effort to repeal Obamacare.
    Gingrich pointed out the reality which can relate to the repeal of Obamacare.He said,
    But I want to answer Sylvia at a different level. This campaign cannot be only about the presidency. We need to pick up at least 12 seats in the U.S. Senate and 30 or 40 more seats in the House, because if you are serious about repealing Obamacare, you have to be serious about building a big enough majority...

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  • 20110616
    The run down of which candidates were called upon:
    and if you really wanted to suck the time out for the other candidates just have King call on Ron Paul.
    Anyway, we go on:
    At this point King wants to go to Bachman but a question comes up from the floor:
    The question is directed to Cain after which King did his usual,"let's move now."

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  • 20110615
    the way it really went down
    First of all the format and moderator stunk on ice.
    CNN promoted the debate as Town Hall Style. I've got news for them;having a handful of people from a few groups is NOT Town Hall Style.
    That said let's look at the terrible CNN debate anyway.

    Ground rule was 30 seconds and no timers.Just John King being very annoying and most of the participants trying to get past the 30 second limit and they did. So whichever candidate could manage to get by King before he noticed was the one who got the most time in.
    There was no real debate because of this set up.It wasn't conducive...

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  • 20110607
    Right up front ppl going to tell you;am a DEVOUT Catholic. This means that whoever is running for Pres gets my vote if they support the values i hold near and dear(and that would be according to Church teaching).So anyone who would even infer that Herman Cain is on board with people who have same sex attraction is barking up the wrong tree.

    If that were true why would i support him? Not going to happen. We have to spell this out.

    1. Herman Cain said "gay marriage will destroy the moral fabric of America". I think that's clear enough. I don't think Mr Cain ever said that we...

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  • 20110605
    they'll get the message eventually
    This one's for the LSM,pundits(aka talking heads) and a slew of GOP elites.There are some exceptions. They're just few and far between.
    Thank you to the exceptions.


    Now for the rest of you.
    Pardon if this seems a little hostile but you folks have been ignorant.No matter how far Mr Cain comes along,all the polls he wins,all the support he continues to garner you ignore him and us both.
    Let's begin with your notion that you are writing the narrative.You are trying to...

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