Why Herman Cain & No Other Candidate

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Why Herman Cain & No Other Candidate Empty Why Herman Cain & No Other Candidate

it's late so here's the reasons very quickly.i think i speak for the majority of Cainiacs when i say this:
1. Herman Cain has not held political office.Thank God.He will not be beholden to anyone.He will not get caught up in the game.He will not go to Washington knowing how it works.He will change how it works.
2. Herman Cain is not being supported by the GOP establishment.Nothing against the people of the party(they're terrific)but the establishment is looking everywhere but Cain for a candidate THEY can crown.One week it's this person-the next week it's another. This time it's going to be US who decide. Not the pundits,media or establishment.
3.Herman Cain will not bring that political crap to the office of President.Instead he will bring those life and business experiences that we need at this time.
4.He generates ENTHUSIASM.It's been a long time-seems like forever-since there was any of that in the Republican party.
5. Herman Cain will talk with the American people. Not down to,not to insiders,not to the usual group of ppl.The American people.

Trust me the GOP is still looking around for someone to crown or some bandwagon to get on.Sorry GOP.We're on the Cain Train.Get on board or get out of the way.You're not going to do it to us this time. We've got someone we KNOW we want for our President.

Two other things about Mr Cain.He supported the tea party early on-he didn't just discover it recently.He also supports Republican principles.It is the combination of these 2 sides of Mr Cain that make him ideal.
Also,he actually WENT to Wisconsin IN PERSON to support Gov Walker and was the ONLY candidate to do so.Risky to a political career? Sure was.He wasn't calculating what this would do to his political career.He went because he was willing to put some skin in the fight.
Not just words.
Finally,Mr Cain has always been pro life. It can cost you winning elections to admit you are but he has always made it clear where he stood.A lot of people have never signed a pledge and that doesn't make them any less pro life.I think that is an unfair charge against Mr Cain that he is not pro life.It's a shame he lost some donations and a few supporters because of the accusation.
There's going to be a lot of accusations flying around between now and election day by various people with different agendas trying to destroy Herman Cain.This won't be the last. I think we will be able to see through these.Politics can be ugly and people with their agendas looking to destroy someone can be very ugly.
We will keep our eyes on the goal and stay focused.It will help.
God Bless You
And God Bless Herman Cain!
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