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WE NEED EVERYONE'S HELP! The Ames Straw Poll in Iowa is coming up August 13. We are starting computer based phone banking from your home computer/phone to identify those who wil vote for Herman. Make sure thhat you say you are "Attending" this event Surprised)

If you are computer savvy - Here is the info for getting started:

--The site to go to get plugged into the phone bank is

--Click the box that says "If you are a volunteer ready to sign up to help a campaign, click here to sign up."

--When you fill out the registration you will see a box tha asks for campaign code. Click on the drop-down menu and choose "bettyblue77"

--Once you have done that - don't wait for an email response. Just sign back in with your email address and whatever password you chose when you signed up. You are ready to go!
If you are need help to get started, please call Steven Hensler at (608)-712-9945. He is coordinating this effort. It doesn't matter where you live, you can help! You MAY be able to just use your computer if you have a microphone.
Just announced on FB, there will be a "Call Leaderboard" in which those who make the most calls per-month will receive a gift and whoever has the most phone calls at the end will receive a Lunch with Mr. Cain.
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