Why Herman Cain and Why He Can Win

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Why Herman Cain and Why He Can Win Empty Why Herman Cain and Why He Can Win

For that matter why Herman Cain should win.
Anyone remember the last election? A lot of folks stayed home.{Wonder why?} The rest of the folks did the party unity thing and voted McCain.
Look at the field we have now. Sorry folks. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ
What does Herman Cain bring to the field? Krauthammer et al don't seem to get this.
ENTHUSIASM as in finally being inspired. We like him. Isn't this what they we're all saying was lacking and now they want to ignore it?
Ok.He's not polished, rehearsed,fabricated.Ok.He's what? You know.REAL.
Let the talking heads keep talking.Remember we have the last word.Don't let them convince you he can't win.

That's in your hands,not theirs.You don't have to tell us how hard this battle has been.With the media marginalizing Mr Cain or ignoring him totally it's been very difficult.How can the man get his message out or the name recognition he needs if the media ignores or marginalizes him? People then take it he must not be worth paying attention to.We have to get around this. Don't give up the fight. Fight harder.

Donate if you can at http://arealleader.com.He doesn't have the money a Romney has but every little bit we give in "time,talent,treasure" helps. You may not have one but you always have the other.
We have to fight harder and there's no reason to get discouraged.

Seriously.Hang in there! When things are looking up.Hang in.When things seem to be getting a little shaky.Hang in.

We have enthusiasm and in the end that will carry the day!! Someone said that Herman Cain is not the long shot,he's our ONLY shot.(it was a tweet)

Sometimes the long shot is the one that makes it.--> Smile
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