Herman Cain wins another in Georgia

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Herman Cain wins another in Georgia Empty Herman Cain wins another in Georgia

Post by Cain's The Main on Sun Jul 17, 2011 2:55 am


Presidential Straw Poll from the 9th District GOP Picnic

July 16, 2011 19:41 pm

by Nathan · 2 comments

For your statistical pleasure, here are the straw poll results from the 9th District Republican Party 19th Annual Picnic hosted in Walker County:

Herman Cain 38

Rick Perry 26

Michele Bachmann 16

Newt Gingrich 14

Tim Pawlenty 11

Mitt Romney 7

Sarah Palin 4

Ron Paul 3

Jon Huntsman 1

Gary Johnson 1

Jeb Bush – Write-in 1

Donald Trump – Write-in 1

Thaddeus McCottee 0

Rick Santorum 0

Thanks to all those who came today and to the 9th District GOP Committee for the opportunity to host this year’s picnic in Walker County.
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