Herman Cain Wins TIR Straw Poll

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Herman Cain Wins TIR Straw Poll Empty Herman Cain Wins TIR Straw Poll

Post by Cain's The Main on Fri Apr 15, 2011 4:17 am

The ballots asked attendees who their first and second choices were for President in 2012. 127 people answered the first question. Almost 1/3 of them chose Herman Cain. 83 people responded with their first and second choice. Minnesota Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann was tops of people’s second choice with 27 votes. Cain came in behind her with 18 votes.

Here are the results:

Who is your first choice for President in 2012?

Herman Cain- 42 votes

Newt Gingrich-16

Tim Pawlenty-13

Michelle Bachmann-12

Sarah Palin-9

Chris Christie-7

Mike Huckabee-5

Mitt Romney-5

Ron Paul-3

Marco Rubio-3

Rick Santorum-3

Donald Trump-3

Haley Barbour-2

Jim Demint-2

Steve King-1

Who is your second choice for President in 2012?

Michelle Bachmann-27 votes

Herman Cain-18

Newt Gingrich-13

Mike Huckabee-8

Tim Pawlenty-5

Rick Santorum-5

Steve King-3

Sarah Palin-3

Mitt Romney-3

John Bolton-2

Chris Christie-2

Mitch Daniels-2

Haley Barbour-1

Jim Demint-1

Ron Paul-1

Mike Pence-1

Donald Trump-1
Source: http://theiowarepublican.com/home/2011/03/27/herman-cain-wins-tir-straw-poll-at-conservative-principles-conference/
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