Herman Cain;The Man For Our Times

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Herman Cain;The Man For Our Times Empty Herman Cain;The Man For Our Times

there are some candidates out there you are taking a good look at. I would look no further than Herman Cain.He is the man for OUR times. He is the one we need to elect in 2012. He speaks to the people.He knows the American people.He has the American spirit.This is a man who came from a poor working class background.This is a man who went to college because his dad worked 3 jobs &,who worked his own way up through everything life threw at him. This is a man who credits his parents for teaching him to believe in God,himself and the American dream. There is no other candidate like Herman Cain.Not even close!

He has been out here with the little folks. He has worked his way up through challenges. He is a man who knows better than to take life for granted. He is a man who loves his country and wants the best for her-for ALL Americans.

He's been there.
He is working hard and fighting to win the nomination.He will work hard and fight for the American people.Above all he will listen to OUR voices. He is not a politician.Thank God! We've had YEARS of those.

The man is no dummy either. Just because someone is plain spoken doesn't mean they're ignorant.It means they can COMMUNICATE.
He won't talk DOWN to the American people. Obama is arrogant.Herman Cain has pride. There's a difference.
Obama believes in himself but no one else. That's an unhealthy ego called narcissism.
It's not about our country.It's about him.
Herman Cain has belief in himself because of the gifts he's been given.He looks at his audiences and says,"It's not about us."
Humility is not about saying I'm no good.True humility is making use of our God given talents and gifts acknowledging where they come from-using them to the betterment of others as well as ourselves.That's HERMAN CAIN!

BTW. One other big difference between Obama and Cain. Mr Cain uses no teleprompter.
The MSM can ignore and marginalize him.They can sling whatever they want at him. The elites and establishment can look everywhere else but...the truth finds a way.
I'm looking no further than Herman Cain for President.The man for OUR times.

God Bless you.

And God Bless Herman Cain!
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