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The run down of which candidates were called upon:
and if you really wanted to suck the time out for the other candidates just have King call on Ron Paul.
Anyway, we go on:
At this point King wants to go to Bachman but a question comes up from the floor:
The question is directed to Cain after which King did his usual,"let's move now."
After this there's a long stretch w/ Cain excluded totally.Here is how John King addresses Cain,"Mr. Cain, as somebody who has no elective no experience."
When he's done with Cain and moves to Santorum,to whom,King says this, "And, Senator Santorum, you mentioned -- you said you have executive experience, as well as your Senate experience. "
I will go back through the transcript tomorrow and pick out some other lovely King statements.
For now there's a few really important things i wanted to point out that took place in the actual discourse:
Gingrich picked right up on Bachman's statement about repealing Obamacare and he was 100% correct.
"This campaign cannot be only about the presidency. We need to pick up at least 12 seats in the U.S. Senate and 30 or 40 more seats in the House, because if you are serious about repealing Obamacare, you have to be serious about building a big enough majority in the legislative branch that you could actually in the first 90 days pass the legislation."
The truth is for all the hoopla about REPEALING OBAMACARE it is JUST that.Hoopla. Gingrich is right.It can't be done without a majority.The Senate would kill it and Obama would veto it.
You get 12 seats in Senate,30 or 30 more in the house & Rep pres willing to do it-could be done,but not until.

Gingrich spoke up at least 3 times and defended Cain's positions because he knew they were correct.
Will bring those up in Part III of the CNN debate. Part III will be a wrap.
Now this breaks it down to which candidates really got the floor although i don't include the time each one spent on an issue.
Romney strikes me as the i was for it,before i was against it candidate but i'll give it to him he's polished-a seasoned politician.
Bachman impressed me by her statements on her pro life position-she honestly lives it. She did two sound bytes though.One where she dodged the question by announcing she'd be making an official announcement. The other on repealing Obamacare.She said all the right things and didn't make any mistakes except repealing Obamacare.Otherwise, I don't think she was telling anyone anything we didn't know already.What was interesting in this debate was Gingrich's defense of Cain-as much as Gingrich has been tossed to the wind by most Republicans. (We'll get to that too in Part III).

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