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First of all the format and moderator stunk on ice.
CNN promoted the debate as Town Hall Style. I've got news for them;having a handful of people from a few groups is NOT Town Hall Style.
That said let's look at the terrible CNN debate anyway.

Ground rule was 30 seconds and no timers.Just John King being very annoying and most of the participants trying to get past the 30 second limit and they did. So whichever candidate could manage to get by King before he noticed was the one who got the most time in.
There was no real debate because of this set up.It wasn't conducive to real debate.

So let's see how it actually went and it really breaks down.

It opens with Cain who sticks to the 30 second rule.
Santorum-Pawlenty-Romney-Gingrich. Then King goes to Bachman asking her the same question. At this point Bachman says before she fully answers the question she wants to announce she is going to formally announce her run for the Presidency soon.
She doesn't fully answer and King moves onto Ron Paul.
Then King goes back to Bachman who says she was the first to introduce a bill to repeal Obamacare.(Unrelated to the previous topic) The problem here is that Obamacare cannot be repealed because it would be killed in the Senate and vetoed by the President.Not going to happen.
However,she does promise if she is elected Pres she won't rest until Obamacare is repealed.( a good sound byte)
King goes back to Romney and Pawlenty re Pawlenty's Obomneycare remark on Fox.
Then King moves to Gingrich who makes a very good point about taking seats in the Senate.For all the criticism Gingrich is getting he actually made some great points in the debate if ppl wanted to notice.
King moves to Santorum and Bachman re the Tea Party.
Bachman appeals to the Tea Party here. Then it goes to Cain re Tea Party.
Next King gets on the topic of Jobs.
Ron Paul-Pawlenty-Bachman-Santorum-Pawlenty-Gingrich.Then King says,"Mr Cain,I will let you in quickly on this one" which is a little better than when John King said, "Mr. Cain, as somebody who has no elective no experience."
At this point King moves into the "This or That" Stupidity.
A total waste of time.
Next comes the Tarp question which begins w/ Cain this time.Moves to Romney-Santorum-Bachman.
We'll take a break there and come back in Part II of the NH CNN Debate.
Believe me,there's more to come.

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