Why Herman Cain Is Enormously Qualified 4 Pres

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Why Herman Cain Is Enormously Qualified 4 Pres Empty Why Herman Cain Is Enormously Qualified 4 Pres

There are 2 groups of people I'd like to address directly. The talking heads aka pundits and GOP elites.
This is also for the other naysayers and finally all the terrific Cainiacs who get it.
They will understand.I'm only hoping the rest MIGHT.

First to the GOP elites. Let me remind these people:Where were they when Gov Huckabee ran in 2008?Let's take a trip down memory lane.I think their memories need refreshing. They were the same people who highly critical of Gov Huckabee. They painted him-along with the pundits-as some crazy radical conservative preacher. They swore up and down he was a NON WINNABLE CANDIDATE. Sound familiar? They treated him just as badly then as they are Herman Cain now.

They decided who the candidate should be and rolled out the red carpet. They put on the crown;look where that got us. The liberals spent most of their time going after McCain so they left the going after Huckabee to his own party.

Where are the GOP elites this year? Some of the conservative talking heads? They were hoping Huckabee would run because he was polling well.Isn't that amazing?
They didn't have the time of day for him back in 2008.
Now you have to wonder who they will throw under the bus and who they will crown this time?

I don't think we have to look too far.

Enter Herman Cain who they think made a huge blunder with pundit Chris Wallace.He goofed up a tad.Yep,that he did.
Of course they failed to mention how well most of Cain's interviews have gone. They like these tid bits better.
Let me clue you in people.In spite of the gaffe-which was not the end of the world btw-Herman Cain is incredibly qualified to be President.You heard that right.
Here i will speak to the MSM's incredible IGNORANCE.

Cain's treatment by the media has been deplorable. First they ignore him and then they suddenly notice him because of one gaffe.

We know the Messiah has had many but he talks that political speak and gets a pass.
For the benefit of the MSM's ignorance i will explain why the PEOPLE admire Cain and believe he's qualified. He doesn't talk the political speak. We know when he says something-even if he might not get it right all the time-he is being honest.
The last i knew what made a person qualified to be President was honesty and integrity.
Two people i know of that who had the political speak down pat;RICHARD NIXON and BARRACK OBAMA.
I call to mind Nixon's infamous quote,"I am not a crook." Of course we know that story.
Obama is another story;let's think of his infamous "I will be the most transparent President ever." Yeah,right.
You see the liberal media can't dig up any dirt on Herman Cain.There are no skeletons n his closet to drag him down so they have to find some imperfect moment to TRY to drag him down with.It's not going to work.

He's an honest and decent man. He's also very intelligent.Whatever weaknesses he may have on some issues it's nothing a quick study wouldn't clear up.
What counts is that this is man of principle. What counts is that this man is a true patriot with the same love of country that he expresses as strongly as Ronald Reagen did-the people relate.Let's be honest.The office of President has this uncanny habit of throwing circumstances at a person that no amount of political experience helps. At this point it takes leadership and core values.

Herman Cain has walked through an incredible experience of life that no amount of political experience can give you.
The liberals don't like it because he brings with him what he calls his American Dream.
They think it's the American nightmare and only a man with a deep seated hatred of his own country can correct.
The pundits don't like it because he relates to the people-not to them.
The GOP elite don't get it. They want their same old.
Keep in mind that Herman Cain was the ONLY candidate who actually went to Wisconsin and stood up for Gov Walker.THE ONLY ONE.Like it or not he had the courage to do that.

Frankly the attacks on Herman Cain have gotten to the point of silliness.

It seems to me that honesty,integrity,character,love of country,love of her people and belief in a better future for our country make Herman Cain enormously qualified to be President.I have a newsflash for the pundits,talking heads and GOP elite.NOT THIS TIME.

Post Script;if i were the liberals i wouldn't go too far with this.We could write a book on the OBAMA gaffes.Would you like to go there? Cain was honest and said;he needed to have more info re Afghanistan.Good for him. He didn't go into political speak. He knows this will be a tough decision. Obama has no idea from one day to the next what DECISIONS to make and he has all the info at his disposal.
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