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Last time around i actually voted for Mike Huckabee even after the powers that be did their coronation of John McCain.McCain had just won Texas and it was over-but our state had its primary and INCLUDED Gov Huckabee on the ballot.I voted for him anyway.

Not this time people.The powers that be are deliberately ignoring Herman Cain and the people are coalescing behind Cain.I decided on Herman Cain over Mike this time and not because i didn't like Mike Huckabee. I don't have a bad thing to say about the Gov but it's Herman Cain all the way.
The powers that be will try another coronation. i've seen this movie before and hoping the people will have the final say this time.What they did was make people believe that McCain was going to win and that was it. People throw in the towel and get behind who these people think should be the winner.Don't fall for it.Look where those butt munches got us the last time.OBAMA. It's gonna take guts but we have to stand behind Mr Cain 110% all the way.

Also,I know that we all think the world of Herman Cain. We want him to be our President.There is no doubt in my mind.I think most of us wish it were tomorrow;but there's a long ways to go. I know times are tough for all of us.We probably don't have the disposable income we did at one time. Look,we don't have to donate 1,000 to Mr Cain.Sure it would be great if we could,but a 1,000 people donating 1.00 is still 1,000. We have to donate. Campaigns are not cheap.We want Herman Cain for Pres.We have to donate as much as we can.We will have to get out there for every vote possible.
For the supporters it's going to take the W's.
!. work. Some ppl will be able to donate time directly to his campaign,some may not but each of us can use whatever talents we have to do what we're able.
2. word.Mr Cain needs name recognition. That's where we come in.Get the word out.
3. willingness.we have to be willing to donate what we can and not be afraid to ask others to do same.These are very tough economic times but think about how tough it's going to be if Obummer gets re-elected.
Nobody likes to ask people for money. Sometimes it's uncomfy.Money is not what it takes to win a campaign but it's impossible to avoid and it is needed to win..There's no way for a campaign to do what needs to be done unless it has enough donations.Obummer starts with a billion.

If you really want Herman Cain to be our next President go here:
We love this guy and we know he's going to make a great President but we can't do it on wishful thinking.
Let's get this Cain Train going FULL STEAM ahead now! We won't let these pundits and powers that be tell any of us it can't be done!
PS you can also write a blog,create a website,put up a Herman Cain myspace page.Join other networks and put in a good word. Lotts of ways to get the word out.
And stop back here frequently of course.
Just pls pls be sure to go to http://arealleader.com/
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