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Am Not Blogging Savvy

i take it when you blog you're supposed to update on a daily,if not regular basis at least.Am not Blogging Savvy and right now am on the look out for new info.Also some members.I seem to be the ONLY person posting here and using the board.
I thought this would work well for us-it's what Huck's Army did and was a means for Huck's supporters to keep in contact and encourage each other.It worked.
It seemed like a good way to go for Mr Cain but so far no one has has taken an interest here.
I was sure if we took the Huck's Army Model-at least what worked-it would work for us.
I keep plugging the board on twitter and will keep on giving a plug.
If anyone has news from Iowa it would be great to hear.
Also,where is Mr Cain going next.How's the Exploratory Committee doing?Have they met the goals yet?
I was thinking the Rep field would end up looking like the Dem field the last time around. Too many candidates.I know that having a wide range of people to choose from is good and gives us better candidates.But too many can make it confusing and sometimes shuts out a number of people-rather than helps them.It also gives an advantage to the knucklehead in the WH. God forbid.Let's not think he can be easily defeated.They knew how to run the last campaign and this time he has an advantage.I'd like to think heds be easy to defeat but the time hasn't come yet and they'll pull out all the stops when the time comes. Also,IMHO,i think Romney has kind of lost the luster with his own base.
The field seems to be just right.So far looks like Gingrich,Santorum and a possible Pawlenty.
Not sure Palin or Huckabee are considering.
We have to have someone get up there and out front soon and that someone has to be Herman Cain.Anyway, it'd be nice to have news and it'd definitely be great if we can encourage each other.If you have ideas to share we'd love to hear em.Anything to help Mr Cain.
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