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Let's clear the air

An antagonist-the usual Kamikaze style-shoots out a question to Herman Cain. A blogger for ThinkProgress.org*(red flag) asks Mr.Cain “Would you be comfortable appointing a Muslim either in your Cabinet or as a federal judge?”
The key word here is comfortable.Remember Juan Williams who left NPR for a similar statement-he said he wouldn't be comfortable if there were a Muslim on an aircraft with him. Now saying you would never hire a Muslim is a far cry from being honest enough to say you would not be comfortable.It's still a far cry from saying under no circumstances would you ever hire a Muslim.
First of all. Anyone who works for the President-and even the Pres for that matter-does take an oath of loyalty. This is not a big deal unless the person has divided loyalties. Second of all we know Herman Cain was not disregarding freedom of religion.This is where i get real testy about the whole rant on Cain. Did all these people who are attacking him suddenly get religion. Since when did these same people ever have any respect for Christians? And some don't even have respect for Jews-i would go so far as to say our current President shows signs of being anti Semitic.

If you were to ask (these same people who attack Cain)if they would be comfy with a candidate who was Catholic and supported overturning Roe V Wade i bet they'd say no and I'm certain they would do everything in their power to make sure that candidate didn't get elected.I've seen pro life candidates get shot down the second they announced they were pro life.The argument usually goes something like this;
You can't shove your religion(or morality)down my throat.

And now they've got religion because of possibly just one badly thought out response to a blogger Cain surmised was antagonistic.
I guarantee if it were any circumstance but this one the same people would oppose so much as a hint of religion in the White House.As i recall they were all over George Bush for wearing his religion on his sleeve.Amazing isn't it?
If these people want to continue to get religion and attack Cain we can certainly go there.
Now,ironically,to the other side of the fence are people who are truly Christian in their beliefs and adamantly pro life.
Herman Cain chose not to sign a pledge because he felt it wasn't in the Pres power to do such a thing.(Unlike one BHO)
He made it clear that when the legislative branch(Congress) sent him a bill protecting human life (ie unborn)he WOULD sign it.Herman Cain has always been consistently pro life and there is absolutely NOTHING to indicate otherwise.

Cain has also been very clear he would not appoint activist judges who think they can MAKE law. I don't know how we can take a man who has been consistently pro life all of his life-not one flip flop for political expediency-and conclude he is no longer pro life because he wants to be sure he's not overstepping the boundaries of the office. He's not compromising his position-not one iota. There are ways he,as President, can support the pro life cause and have great affect. Regardless, to conclude Herman Cain is not pro life just doesn't jive with the facts.

Finally,as we look at Herman Cain for President let's conclude that we support him because he supports the same values we do;it doesn't mean we will agree with him 100%, 100% of the time on 100% of the issues.The human being you're looking for here does not exist unless you run and have people vote for you.We can't set the bar so high that Herman Cain can't possibly meet it.

We know about Cain:
1. he has been consistently pro life
2. He is uneasy w/ appointing a Muslim in his cabinet but he firmly believes in freedom of religion.
3. He's not going to walk on water,part the seas or cure every problem.We do know he's going to do everything he can to help get our country on the right track and our economy turned around; have people get back to work. He has a 5 point plan and in the future will try to get the American people to support the fair tax. We know he will stop the growth of gov't and cut the dept 10% across the board. That would be a great start!
4. He will not tell people what they want to hear-campaign speak. He will tell them what they need to hear and they know to be truth.
5. He is not a policy wonk who spends hours mulling over some massive program. Herman Cain says, I will do the 5 point plan i have laid out with the support of the American people.That's it. Foreign policy;common sense.Know who your friends are and know who your enemies are. Too simplistic? Really? Ronald Reagan said,"Mr Gorbachev,tear down this wall." He was advised to keep it out of his speech.He didn't.It was simplistic. We knew that the Communists were our enemies. Simplistic?

He[Herman Cain] also made it a point to say he would "surround himself with the right people." He means he does not know it all nor does he pretend to.Thank you Herman Cain for being honest,humble and REAL.
We already have one supposed know it all in the White House.

How's that working out for us?

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