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Fortunately for us Twitter is a small snap shot of a bigger picture. Twitter is also one-of several-ways to promote a candidate. For that matter anything ppl want to promote Twitter is one way to go.
Let's take a look at Herman Cain's life on twitter so far.
Yesterday there was a negative tweet about Mr Cain.The man said his excitement was starting to wear off and he didn't seem to want to support Mr Cain-not sure.I'm going to take for granted from the profile he was honestly a Cain supporter.You see we have to be in this for the long haul.I tweeted back it's like marriage.You make the commitment and then maintain even when the excitement wears off.

Next i've seen 2 other kinds of tweets.The person who will vote for Cain based on 1 issue and the other person who will ditch Cain based on 1 issue.The one i see coming up from time to time is the question of putting a Muslim in his (Cain's)cabinet.I'm thinking as i read this.Has Herman Cain even mentioned a Muslim he would consider? Seriously-what are the chances of this coming up?
If i were Mr Cain i would avoid this question totally.
The likelihood of Mr Cain even knowing a Muslim he could appoint is none to totally none.
Here's quote from Mr Cain.
“And here’s why: There’s this creeping attempt, there’s this attempt to gradually ease Sharia law and the Muslim faith into our government.”
Not complicated. However,if you take the side of no Muslims you alienate those-like myself-who clearly believe America is a shining example for freedom of religion.We take a great deal of pride in this.When do you begin to say no Catholics,no Mormons,no Jews,no Protestants? Then you have the flip side -people who with equally good reason- don't want people of this religion appointed to gov't positions.
I get it.

The pov in his quote makes sense.The chances of Herman Cain having a Muslim to appoint,as i said,are none to totally none.

There's the question of the Fed Reserve next. This seems to be coming more from the Ron Paul supporters.Did Cain say he would audit the fed? Ok here's the scoop.He didn't put this as a top priority but he did NOT oppose it. He's not going to stand in the way of an audit but i don't think he's going to be its champion either and that's fair.
Some people will not vote for Cain based on just this one issue. I didn't see where he was opposed to it and it could end up being done anyway.

Finally,i see this frequently on twiiter. People going through the candidates and dissing them based on one gaffe,on one issue. IF we keep doing this there will be NO ONE LEFT.
Let's remember that the candidates are human beings.
We can't have governance by consensus.It wouldn't work.You can't keep all of the people happy all of the time;nothing would ever get done.We would have paralysis.Hmm.I think that's what we have now.

Yes,let's remember that the candidates are human beings. They have ups and downs. They are often damned if they do and damned if they don't. Some are seasoned politicians who know exactly what to say-and then end up doing the opposite.(Obama anyone?)
Let's ESPECIALLY remember that the Democrats only have ONE candidate and as usual they will support their candidate no matter what.
This one candidate has no one to oppose until the big race begins.He has only to sit back and raise billions for his campaign.
If we keep up this picky stuff and don't go with the candidate who has the strongest positive intensity-Herman Cain-we are going to end up with Obama all over again.
Didn't we go through this before?
This idea that Obama is weak and will easily be beat.PLS put that one on the back burner. I'm sticking with Herman Cain.I want someone who CAN beat Obama.We have to have a candidate who can win.All the agreement in the world does no good without winning.The first rule of thumb;get the candidate in office.

Be sure to join us at http://www.hermancain.com
It's revamped and it's awesome.DONATE,DONATE,DONATE.NO amount is too small. Let's get our ground game going.Where are the Republicans? The primaries and caucuses will come up pretty fast. Let's make sure Mr Cain wins those,k? How bout that GOP 'establishment'.You have to wonder who they think they are.They like the recycled? Didn't they do this the last time? Look where that got us.

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