Momentum is great.Can we keep it going?

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Momentum is great.Can we keep it going? Empty Momentum is great.Can we keep it going?

Post by Cain's The Main on Thu May 19, 2011 1:17 am

The momentum(even w/o cable news coverage)is picking up. Can we keep it up over the long haul? Hope so!!
Seems Mr Cain may finally be getting name recognition even if Fox and cable isn't paying a lick of attention to him. Know what's funny? Either they are ignoring Mr Cain or they are totally oblivious and live in their own little world.
Money and name recognition may be the 2 biggest factors and in the end i think it will be money.The economy stinks on ice-we have to be sure ppl know that no donation is too small.
Who heard him on the Tea Party live stream today?That was excellent!
God bless U,
and God Bless Herman Cain
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