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if it wasn't obvious before, the MSM is not bad mouthing Herman Cain;worse.They're ignoring.Even Fox news. They keep putting Herman Cain on what the pundits call the '2nd tier' of candidates.My question is this? Who decides this supposed tier system?
Who's in charge of it and makes the call?
BE PREPARED though.The GOP elites are going to pull a fast one and we're about to be steam rolled-or so they think.
You see Trump,Huckabee and Christie (of NJ)are not going to run so they are going to pull out a candidate of THEIR choice and give this candidate their coronation.
Back in the last election i joined Huck's Army. Gov Huckabee had an uphill battle all the way but Huck's Army was determined and organized.We knocked ourselves silly and ppl donated whatever they could. Mike was a great candidate and we knew it.

The PEOPLE supported him while the GOP elite strutted out John McCain.Now mind you he was better than Obummer but i went with Huckabee.They painted the Gov. as if he was some whacky Baptist evangelist who didn't have a prayer. The Ronulans went after him too. They did some pretty low handed tricks.In spite of this Gov Huckabee was on a roll and inching close to McCain in Texas.This was his alamo.Win Tx-win the race.Lose Tx and it was over.I was sure he was gong to take Texas.That close.

MCain won.Mike was still on our ballot though and i voted Mike anyway.
Mcain lost to Obama..Now the GOP elites seem all bummed that Mike didn't run.They should be.He already had the support he gained from the last election. M feeling about them at this point is-too bad,so sad.They should have got behind him the last time around and we might not have this God forsaken Pres.

We can't let them do this again. It's not who they want.It's who WE want and that spells winner. So let Sean Hannity play down the Frank Luntz focus group who voted Cain the winner.
They can call Herman Cain second tier.We know he's first.
Let the GOP elites march out their hand picked candidate.
Herman Cain is right.Stay involved,Stay Informed,Stay inspired.
We have to donate what we can.I know there isn't much disposable income and we don't have a lot to spare.We don't have to donate huge amounts.A lot of small ones is more effective.
We have to stay organized and united. Unity is important. If a poll comes up for Cain.Vote.It creates a buzz. Keep getting the word out there-Herman Cain did all this with our support and hardly a lick of name recognition.We have the main ingredient.An AWESOME candidate that can beat Obama and people who recognize a man who could be one of our greatest presidents at a time when we need one.That's us.
Let the GOP elites roll out whoever. How stupid do they think we are?
I'm not trying to be nasty. Just fed up and even more determined.

Neutral We can do this and they won't know what hit em.
Laughing GO CAIN GO Laughing
Herman Cain is my first,last and ONLY candidate.All there is to it.He is the ONLY one who will beat Obama.
We can keep after the MSM but don't expect much.What matters most is our vote!
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