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At this point Mr Cain needs more name recognition.This is where the grassroots has to come in.
As for electability-that's Mr Cains very strong point.If we can get him on the ticket he can win the nomination and he can beat Barrack Obama.
Mr Cain has the background,the life experience,the brains and the communication skills we need in a candidate.Mr Cain is everything Pres Obama is not.

If anyone has the right to wear the mantle of the Gipper it is Mr Cain. I believe that with all my heart.

The truth is no matter which candidate the Rep party comes up with they have to have that quality of electability. No matter how good a candidate may be to us if they can't get elected it's a waste of our time.We will wake up to another 4 (even worse) years with Obama.
Let's not make that mistake.
Mr Cain can worry about his VP choice when the time comes.We're not there yet and that is the least of our concerns for now.We have to donate to his exploratory committee and we have to get the word out about him. Offer your support to him too.Words of encouragement are important.At least donate what you can.
A 100.00 bill is great. A 1,000 bill is terrific.A 1.00 bill is great and terrific if that's all you can donate. They do add up.What we can't do is just sit here and hope.
I don't want anyone to get discouraged from donating just because they can't donate some huge amount.I don't want anyone to get discouraged because we're going to have an uphill battle.
Let nothing discourage you!
We have to get this man on the ticket.

Am extremely tired.Apologies for any typos,lack of punctuation and i noticed a glitch with our counter that needs fixed.
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