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Former CEO Herman Cain took to the podium at the American’s For Prosperity Summit on Job Creation and Spending in New Hampshire, and spoke amid cheers and applause, immediately thanking those in attendance for “flipping New Hampshire” from a blue state to red. The gifted speaker began with the statement that “We can take America back from too much taxation and regulation,” and presented a five step plan in order to do it.

Step 1: In order to stimulate the American economy, creating “jobs, jobs, jobs” will restore the American dream. According to Cain we must lower corporate tax, and he pointed out that America is the only nation to not do so in 15 years. He also stated that lowering income tax would allow people to get more out of what they earn, so that they can spend it. Step 2: Bring the capital gains tax to zero. He countered the argument from the left that doing so is not “rewarding the rich, its stimulating the economy” Step 3: Bring repatriated profits to zero, because funds and income made overseas “don’t come home.” Step 4: Give employers and small businesses a lengthier payroll tax holiday, and lower payroll taxes 6.2%. Cain claimed that all these practices would in fact pay for themselves, again countering the argument from liberals that asks “How would we pay for it?”. The final step in his plan would be to make the previously mentioned tax cuts permanent.

When asked what he would do to fix major flaws in Social Security, Cain noted that the model created by the Chilean government, (ie privatization), would work here in the US with the right leadership. He referenced his book, “Common Sense Solutions” and said that is it time for Americans to read past the statement of “life liberty and the pursuit of happiness” and to begin using our right to “alter and abolish” government programs that have become destructive. Cain said that he would use his own developed business practices, coming from his experience bringing back failed companies, slashing 10% in cuts across the board, and cutting out government programs that are overlapping, doubled up, or ineffective. He reiterated that making so much change would not be easy, telling the story of his grandfather, who would travel long and bumpy roads bringing the potato crops from his farm to market. When Cain asked his grandfather why he preferred the bumpy side of the road to the smooth flat side, he answered that the bumpy side allowed the smaller potatoes to drop down into the bottom of the bucket, while the big potatoes stayed on top to be sold. He loudly declared to the audience in his closing, “Be a big potato!”

When asked what his thoughts were on corporate regulation, Cain answered simply and concisely that he understood that businesses would quickly trade subsidies and so-called corporate welfare in exchange for less regulation and the opportunity to grow.

According to a post immediately following his appearance in New Hampshire, Cain’s aides were so impressed by his speech that they have created a website
Mr Cain won the poll for most effective speaker at 62%.
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