Why He Will Win

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Why He Will Win

Post by Cain's The Main on Mon Feb 14, 2011 10:49 pm

because we are 100% committed to our candidate.While the people are speculating about who will run and TRYING(desperately i might add)to make up their minds we KNOW who is qualified.We know who we want.And we are definitely committed.
We have the grassroots on our side too and this time the powers that be are NOT going to dictate another candidate for us.
BTW.I've started a blog.
CAIN 2012
As already mentioned,a web site for our board.I'll advertise our board there.

If you have a site,blog,facebook,twitter for Herman McCain let me know.I'll put up a link.
Also,if you would submit a banner of your own design.
We could use a decent banner to advertise our board with.I made one up on the fly.Not real happy with it;but will do till we have better.I'm sure someone creative out there can come up with a good one!
Let's be prepared though.The liberal media will be all over us.Mr Cain will be questioned,scrutinized and once he gets to be a serious candidate brutally attacked. Stand firm. As Herman said
"i just don't care" .We don't.They can bring it on if they like. We're not budging.The Hermanators are on the march.
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