Who is Herman Cain and why should Americans care?

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Who is Herman Cain and why should Americans care?

Post by Cain's The Main on Sat Apr 09, 2011 7:13 am

April 9, 2011
Who is Herman Cain and Why Should Americans Care?
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By Daryl Mahan

In the coming weeks and months the American public will hear more and more mention of the name Herman Cain as he embarks on a most important journey. The country he was born and raised in is in turmoil, facing crises of potentially insurmountable proportions on several levels. Our overall economy is in shambles with the nation’s debt level higher than any other nation in recorded history.

Born in Tennessee in 1945, many of Herman Cain’s most formative years were during a time when American society viewed and treated its members quite differently based on their outward appearance. At the age of six, Herman Cain and his younger brother secretly challenged this societal segregation by quite literally testing the waters. Watching out for the other as he took his turn, they each sampled the water from two public drinking fountains, each specified only for use by one of the two dominant races of American citizens at the time. Herman Cain and his brother learned in that moment that the separation of the races was baseless. The water from each fountain was exactly the same; each no different from the other. The burning question was planted in their young minds: ”What’s the big deal?”

By the close of the first decade of this current millennium, American society, seemingly evolved beyond the ignorance that fomented such outward discrimination, elected Barack Obama, born of a Caucasian American mother and a Black African father, to the office of President on the United States. Obama’s ascendancy to that most coveted and most powerful position in the land, upon reflection and rational analysis, was the result of American society’s collective guilt and remorse for the decades of disrespect, disgraceful and tortuous treatment of those members reflecting Obama’s father’s physical attributes. His ascendancy could not have been based on professional qualifications and grand achievements of his life’s work, for while a rational, honest examination of Obama’s past reveals abundant charisma, charm, and eloquence of speech, there is certainly no history of accomplishment that would warrant such empowerment.

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