From The Iowa Republican,C-Span Speech

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From The Iowa Republican,C-Span Speech

Post by Cain's The Main on Mon Mar 28, 2011 4:53 pm

Herman Cain’s Conservative Principles Speech Was Best So Far In Prez Race

Let me make myself clear… Herman Cain’s speech at Steve King Conservative Principles Conference was the best speech by anyone in the presidential race thus far. Every American should listen to it.

Take it from my humble opinion, as I have attended most of the speeches in this early season by all the candidates… You should watch it or at least listen to it. Herman Cain has a message everyone should hear and this was Herman at his best.

The only thing missing online when you watch is the inspirational patriotic spirit swirling in the room, for me I get goosebumps at home watching it again. It was evident that people in the room at the time were inspired.

You can watch Mr. Cain’s speech at this CSPAN linke-

(Note: you will have to scroll down to 4th speech in the transcripts area and select the segment that is 24 minutes long. If someone knows a more direct link please add it to the comment section. Thanks.)
Full Article Here:
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