Name Recognition

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Name Recognition

Post by Cain's The Main on Fri Mar 25, 2011 8:36 am

Three things Mr Cain needs to win the nomination:
1. Name recognition-we have to get the word out
2. Donations(whatever one can afford)
Basically it.of course there's more to it (such as organization)but if we have those 3 he stands a very good chance.I would love to see us rock the foundation of the Rep party.Just once it'd be nice not to have a coronation in either party.The Dems do this too.One exception;Barrack Obama.He was used by the far left and a bunch of radicals who knew how to run a campaign;plus some nasty tactics they used. Something Mr Cain would never think of doing.We will win this honestly,fairly and based on Mr Cain's principles.No 'getting in ppls faces',no name calling.No empty [b]slogans.Mr Cain is a very qualified person and he has that one very important characteristic one has to have.LEADERSHIP!

Reach for the Moon and we will get there!
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