Interview with Daily Caller,COMMON SENSE

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Interview with Daily Caller,COMMON SENSE

Post by Cain's The Main on Wed Mar 23, 2011 6:10 am

From the Daily Caller

Tea Party-favorite Herman Cain preaches ‘common sense’ in lead up to likely presidential campaign


By Matthew Boyle - The Daily Caller | Published: 1:14 AM 03/23/2011

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“Common sense isn’t regional,” former Godfather’s Pizza CEO and self-made businessman Herman Cain told The Daily Caller in a sit-down interview in TheDC’s downtown Washington office. “When I talk about common sense solutions with respect to what I would do about the economy in order to truly stimulate it, it resonates with people all over the country.”

From before last year’s midterm elections, Cain has been traveling the country, preaching his “common sense” message and becoming a Tea Party star. Cain, who has formed a presidential exploratory committee in preparation for a potential run for the White House, relies on grassroots conservatives, what he calls the “citizens’ movement,” as his base of support. It is a movement he expects to remain an influential part of American politics for generations to come, much less the next election cycle.

Cain said he “sees evidence” of grassroots conservatism’s vitality when he travels around the country. “I’ll go to a town in Iowa or New Hampshire, for example, and they’ll announce that I’m going to be there,” Cain said. “My field guy will say, ‘We have a problem,’ and I say, ‘Well, what’s the problem.’ He’ll say, ‘the room can only handle 50 people, and they had to turn 10 people away.’ People are hungry for leadership and they’re hungry to hear about how we solve stuff, not more rhetoric about what’s wrong.”

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