Some Questions.Good Ones.

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Some Questions.Good Ones.

what can we do now?
contact a local group.Anotherwords get ppl together who either know of Herman Cain and support him or ppl who aren't sure who they are going to vote for-just know they're not going to support Obama. Introduce them to Mr has some materials. They cost but they're reasonable. Print out the Herman Cain biography.Send it to everyone on your email list.Post it to facebook,Twitter or Blog.Pass it out by hand. if you have a Herman Cain blog or website give me the link and.i'll add it to the list of favorites as well as on my Herman Cain blog.Be glad to advertise for ya and Mr Cain.Not competing.We all have the same goal.
If you find a poll where Herman Cain is listed or can be listed post it here.Let's get as many ppl as possible to vote in these polls.Ppl do take notice of them.

I heard Herman Cain will be deciding on whether to run or not sometime in April.This is when we will really get down to campaigning for Cain.For now we need to get Mr Cain name recognition and create a 'buzz.'

Also,i have met some folks at Herman Cain's live stream in the chat. The live stream is pretty good except a few times i noticed some ppl left because the signal was 'choppy.' This is because of the ads. I also noticed that the stream was annoying because of interruptions from ads.The live stream is free because of the ads.I am going to contact the folks that put up the livestream-find out how much it costs for the service-and see if it's reasonable enough to pay for.Am going to SUGGEST to them to take donations to pay for it and get rid of the ads.
Will let you know if i get any response.
The big thing with Mr Cain is NAME RECOGNITION.The question is WHO IS HERMAN CAIN? We know-but plenty of folks don't. I've also noticed-and am sure you have-with all the name recognition some of the other ppl have the media keeps mentioning the same ppl over and over. We need to get Herman Cain's name up there.
He is a serious viable candidate.They did this to Gov Huckabee too btw.

I'm going to see about contacting our local Rep party and name drop Herman Cain.
It's a little early for that but can't hurt.
We seem to be divided about a VP choice. That's ok. Good debate never hurt but it's whoever Mr Cain chooses.What we care about is Mr Cain runs for President and wins.
We can't say Obama can't be defeated.Let's not make any bets either way and just work at having our dream fulfilled.

Still,go ahead and debate about his VP choice. Nothing wrong with healthy debate.
Let's make sure our UNIFYING factor is who we want for Pres and the ouster of our cluess,feckless golfer in chief Obama.
Finally,we will NEVER EVER take donations here for anything.Not even a candidate.I don't have the capability to do such a thing anyway and wouldn't if i did. There are political organizations that will be tied to Mr Cain-the exploratory committee for instance-IS legitimately taking donations.They need them.I definitely don't and this board is free. No reason to ask for a dime.

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