Not This Time!

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Not This Time!

The GOP establishment is not going to do one of their coronations because we are not going to let them.
Back in the 2008 race a less well known Gov by the name of Mike Huckabee was supported by a grass roots movement known as Huck's was started by
a dynamic duo of home-schooled 19-year-old evangelical brothers known as the Harris Twins.
They were inspired by Gov Huckabee,began a message board(like we're doing here),got the word out and were totally committed to Gov Huckabee winning the GOP nomination.They were bound and determined Gov Huckabee would make it to the WH.
I joined Huck's Army and supported Gov Huckabee all the way.
He really took off.To make a long story short it came down to the state of Texas.Mike was actually gaining momentum there and we were sure he was actually going to pull it off.I didn't think otherwise.The polls looked good.Things really did seem to be going his way.The crowds were large and enthused.We called it the Alamo.It was a make or break state.McCain won it.
Huckabee was still on the Pennsylvania ballot even after McCain won so i put my vote in for Mike anyway.Matter of principle. Then Huck's army took on a major effort to see if we could get McCain to pick Mike for Veep.I voted in every poll that was anywhere and Mike won all of them hands down.Again,only to be disappointed.
It seems the GOP establishment does these coronations.( Actually the Democratic party does them to so let's not feel too bad).
Not this time! God only knows who the GOP establishment will decide to crown this time but we have found a man who is a leader, who has integrity,the skills and the non political business background to make him just the right candidate.
He speaks to us. He's inspired us.We know what he's made of.
This isn't to say there aren't other good candidates out there.Of course there are;but let's not crown one of them this time.Let the people decide. Listen to us for Pete's sake.
Maybe we know something the powers that be don't.
Get Herman Cain the nomination?

I love you
I refuse to sit through a repeat of the last election and see the same scenario play out.
Sure you feel the same way.We're not Hermantors for nuttin and we plan to fight to the finish!
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