Cain Might Be Dropping Out - Candidates Close To Cain's Views

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Cain Might Be Dropping Out - Candidates Close To Cain's Views

Post by CainSupporter on Sun Dec 04, 2011 5:42 am

Today, someone told me about a candidate over than Cain. Normally, I would tell someone supporting a candidate other than Herman Cain how Cain is better, but Cain dropped out of the race today.

Source: New Your Times Article, Herman Cain Suspends His Presidential Campaign (Available Online)

I am now looking for a new candidate to place my support behind, as I am sure everyone else here will be doing the same soon.
Ron Paul I have to admit, sounds like the next best choice so far.

I do like that Cain and Paul both support reigning the the federal reserve, they both do not believe in raising the debt ceiling, they both want to lower corporate tax, they both want to focus our protection on the borders while protecting legal immigration, they both dislike the EPA, and the both believe in repealing Obmma care while cutting bureaucracy. So far, Paul really does sound like the next best choice should Cain continue to go through with dropping out of the race.

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