Allow me to sum this up for Paul supporters

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Allow me to sum this up for Paul supporters Empty Allow me to sum this up for Paul supporters

Yes, Ron Paul served his country. So did John McCain.While i admire and respect both men for their service-as we should all servicemen-i would not vote for either of these ppl for Pres.

Ron Paul,contrary to his followers insistence,is not pro life.
This is typical political speak. "While i don't support abortion personally " is how this begins. They get ppl who are truly pro life to vote for them but they make sure they don't rattle the chains of people who are pro abortion either.This way they maximize their chances of election and avoid the controversy.Sorry this is not pro life. This is political scheming to get elected. A lot of candidates pull this one. As a Catholic who IS pro life i know the double speak when i hear it-this is Ron Paul and no Catholic would chance voting for him.

Ron Paul is a libertarian with an R in front of his name. A libertarian has a liberal philosophy. Further, Ron Paul isn't facing reality. He believes if we leave our enemies alone they leave us alone. I think we learned this lesson before. No matter how his followers word it this is exactly how Ron Paul sees it.

Ron Paul rattles on about the Fed. The rallying cry is End the Fed. It definitely gets ppl worked up especially when ppl are angry with government anyway.I woudn't jump on this bandwagon until all the facts are in.Besides with Dr Paul being in Congress for 30 some yrs the question i would ask is what has he done to achieve this goal?

Finally,the Ronulans have attacked Herman Cain left and right. NO matter which Herman Cain site you go to whether it's Facebook,Twitter or You Tube there they are attacking Mr Cain. Their tactics are rude,nasty and down right obnoxious.
Yet,they will suggest a Cain/Paul team.I don't think so.
Go to the Ron Paul forum if you want to know what they REALLY think of Herman Cain. They've called him a turd, a snake and i wasn't there but a few seconds.

Then how bout this from Dr Paul?
I've had enough.I am not going to vote for Ron Paul.It is that simple. There is no point trying to convince me. Done the homework,ran into the Paul supporters.Not interested.i also remember the nasty things they did to Gov Huckabee when he ran.
Thanks for your efforts,but no thanks. Back off.
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