A little dissertation I did in re: Herman Cain

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A little dissertation I did in re: Herman Cain

Post by RickBulow1974 on Thu Jul 21, 2011 11:48 pm

I am taking classes at an online college, and this semester I am taking a Transitional English course. One of the assignments this week had to do with writing a paragraph about someone I know. After doing some thinking I decided what better way to get the word out there than to speak about Herman Cain, and so wrote the following:

This person is a successful businessman who has turned around such companies as Godfather's Pizza and also 450 Burger King companies in the Philadelphia area, turning each business around from the lowest companies (and in the case of Godfather's Pizza from the brink of bankruptcy) to being the most profitable businesses. He has seen this country and the problems that plague this country and has Common Sense Business Principles to turn this country back to profitability and prosperity. Many of the candidates for the Republican Presidential nomination are career politicians but this man is not a politician, which stands out from others. The man I speak of is Herman Cain. He calls himself a problem solver who knows the problems and surrounds himself with the right people to fix them once he is elected President in 2012.

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