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You know how we used to think Jimmy Carter was the worst Pres in U.S.history-BHO now gets that title hands down.It could be worse though.Imagine Biden. Even Hillary Clinton would have been better than these 2;albeit she's a Progressive just like they are.She may have had the brains to be pragmatic.

However,the Democratic party has one up on everyone and it could mean BHO winning re-election.NOTE i said COULD.not will. They have 1 candidate-as lousy as he is- and they know who they're supporting.
Now let's look on the other side where there are several candidates in a field that seems to be growing. Included in that field is the elites usual presumed front runner.
You have to ask yourself.How many more people can jump on the bandwagon?

The one thing i did notice after the last debate between some of these hopefuls (that crummy one on CNN) is that Herman Cain paid all of them a high compliment.

No bashing. He didn't attack anyone.
I kind of liked that for a change. He has gone after Obama and that's really the opponent isn't it? From time to time on Twitter though i see these attacks.Little 'whisper' campaigns against Herman Cain. From time to time i see a few people fall for them.That's why people do 'whisper' campaigns; because they work.They're nasty and uncalled for.You don't have to prove them, back them up or provide a reliable source. When some people hear these nasty attacks they take them as gospel truth.
I would hope people would question and most do.You can always count on some people falling for it.Pls folks.1.When you hear something check out where it's coming from. 2.when you know your guy is honest and has integrity-like Herman Cain-it's just best to ignore and move along.You see that means he's a threat and they KNOW it.

You'd think this kind of thing would go by the way side of terrible politics.
You would think people would realize the one we need to beat is BHO.Herman Cain hasn't bashed anyone EXCEPT Obama and i say good for him.

The main question is,CAN THIS PERSON BEAT OBAMA?
My answer all along has been the ONLY person that i am 99.9% certain can beat Obama IS Herman Cain. Why? For 4 reasons.Top of the list is that Herman Cain is the antithesis of Obama. They are exact opposites.
2. Herman Cain is absolutely brilliant.
3.Herman Cain is liked by the people and generates ENTHUSIASM.I can't stress that enough because that is why people get out to vote! It sure is nice to go to the polls- without having to plug your nose- and vote for someone because they've inspired you to do so.
4.Herman Cain does NOT have political experience but he does have the kind of experience and knowledge that will make him a good President.
You see he's not a politician.He's beholden to no one except the people. He has a stellar business background. He's a hard worker. He came from the bottom up.
I see his NOT being a politician as a plus and UNLIKE Obama he has had way more experience than being a community organizer and present in the Senate.There is more than one kind of experience in life. It either makes you a honorable person or it doesn't. It either gives you character or it doesn't. It either teaches you good lessons or it doesn't. It either makes you a patriot or it doesn't. When you stack Herman Cain against Barrack Obama you know the answer to what their life experiences have taught them and who is the more qualified to be President.

It's Herman Cain and that's why he's a threat.
We Cainiacs have drawn one definite conclusion.The MSM can ignore,marginalize or attack Herman Cain if they like. THE MSM is NOT going to elect our President this time.WE ARE!!!!

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