Excuse me Pundits if i seem a bit cynical

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Excuse me Pundits if i seem a bit cynical Empty Excuse me Pundits if i seem a bit cynical

tell me why you think i should think Herman Cain is not a viable candidate? Why he wasn't going to get this far? Why he wouldn't make it because he's a long shot?

For you left sided pundits on the bandwagon for your candidate i have no reason to put any faith in you for objective analysis.Obama is walking on water as far you're concerned.What you put out is propoganda. Let's just overlook the nasty little details you might have presented to the American people like he has Marxists in his administration. This might be important.For you right sided pundits thanks for throwing a conservative under the bus before seeing what the people had to say.

You remind me of the GOP establishment-not the rank and file Republicans btw-who are coming up with their new and improved "presumed" front runner almost every other week.

The last time you dimwits crowned your front runner we ended up with a loser.A good man himself-but he did lose the election.

Not this time any of you.NOT even the Paul bots. We have what you call positive intensity.We call it something that has been missing for quite awhile and will get ppl to the polls-imagine that one! ENTHUSIASM.
i even feel very dismayed by the one pundit i had a lot of respect for-Charles Krauthammer,Wouldn't you know he threw Herman Cain under the bus.You people missed the real story and the real story was a man who connected with the American PEOPLE.Hello....us.You know,the folks outside your little bubbles.

This last part is for the left specifically.I've been reading your attacks. Some of them consist of Herman Cain misquotes. Some were attacks drummed up by the corrupt Obama media that were supposed to get things stirred up.They did-and they got Herman Cain in the news. The rest has been nothing but vile name calling.In fact some of these people sounded really offended when they heard the word racist thrown back at em.See how that works. Keep it coming if you like. You know what? WE DOES NOT CARE.The Cain Train keeps moving in the right direction for our country.

Furthermore,for all of you nay sayers,we're voting for Herman Cain.
(seems like we heard a lot of the same when Ronald Reagen was running)
Do i sound like a cranky old lady? Yeah.I am getting just a tad cranky. The Caniacs aren't giving this one up for anything.Herman Cain,at his town hall meeting yesterday(social media mash),brought something unique in a candidate that convinced me we're making the right choice.He has a joy for life that you can't miss and a love for his country and her people.US.It's actually sincere.
Does that mean he will be a great president?It's not the determining factor and he has many-but it can't hurt.
Dear Paul bots; i understand the tenacity you put behind your candidate Ron Paul but your tactics leave tons to be desired. You're downright rude and obnoxious at times.This is his 3rd run.Could he possibly consider doing the right thing? Could you people please stop infiltrating our sites for Herman Cain? You honestly believe that by tearing down the person you consider a threat it gives Ron Paul a better shot. How bout you stick with building your guy up and if he has the goods people will buy em.
That simple.
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