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Forever running into these articles saying the contenders for the Rep nomination do not generate enthusiasm but notice one name missing.Herman Cain.He generates positive intensity and enthusiasm. Maybe that's why they don't mention him.

I'll be darned if i'm going to the polls this Nov and plugging my nose to vote. This is why I'm sticking w the one candidate that CAN beat Obama. Herman Cain.
Then i hear he doesn't have specifics.Aren't these the same people that used to complain a candidate doesn't have a vision?

He's got enough specifics.This is the executive branch he's shooting for;not the legislative and Herman Cain does have a vision.
A simple outline and synopsis of governing style will do.

A lot of the decisions the Pres makes is based on character anyway. All the planning in the world cannot prepare a person for the unplanned.That requires integrity.patriotism,honesty.A host of virtues that you have to bring with you and are a part of you.
You can also tell a lot by the company a person keeps.
Hands down-Herman Cain is our best shot for the White House.He's not a politician ppl tell me.I reply, "THANK GOD". Look where years of those have got us.We need a candidate who generates enthusiasm so we can't wait to get to the polls.

BTW. The hardest battle for Herman Cain will be to get the nomination.We can do it though! IMHO his beating BHO will be a cakewalk.

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