On The Battlefield For Herman Cain

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On The Battlefield For Herman Cain  Empty On The Battlefield For Herman Cain

Ok.Cainiacs,we're on the battlefield. Here's a little strategy for your consideration.
Any other ideas.Add em.The more the merrier.Whatever we can do,we will do.

1. Get some FB people who support Cain and convert em to Twitter.They don't have to give up FB but we could sure use the Cain twitters over here.

2. I'm looking into some HC buttons and will provide an address for anyone who wants some.Gotta see what i can work out first.

Got mine.Wear it with pride.
3. BLOGGERS. We gotta have HC bloggers. I would look into townhall.com and see if they're taking sign ups for blogs.It's a great place to get the word out to other conservatives.Just don't know if they're having new blog sign ups.Will look into it when i get a chance.Or stop by there and try signing up anyway.Can't hurt.

4. POLLS.When we see a legitimate poll(fell for a few Paul bot set ups myself)let's get there!!! Ron Paul wins because his supporters are tenacious. They see a poll and they flock like geese.I've repeated this several times but they still seem to get the upper hand.Cain could EASILY win these polls if the Cainiacs just got there like the Paul bots do. There are some polls that matter.

Of course we all know these are online polls and winning these doesn't necessarily mean an election win.You can win all the polls in the world-in the end it's the vote that counts. Which explains why Ron Paul wins these polls and bombs out at the election.However,they can get Herman Cain more name recognition.

5.PLS PLS donate what you can. If we think we should hold back because we're not 100% sure Cain will win we're mistaken. If we don't donate it makes that more likely.We don't donate- he can't campaign.He can't campaign- he can't win.We have to donate even if it's a 1.00 or 2.00. No amount is too small but we have to donate.
Times are tough and we all understand this.
Maybe 10.00 per month out of a budget? Or an occasional donation of 1.00 to 5.00?
Maybe we need to ask for donations more on Facebook and advertise his donation page in various areas we have for Mr Cain ie our blogs,websites,board?
If you are really just too strapped there is always time and talent.We know it's all appreciated by Mr Cain.
6.Twitter and FB aren't the only social networks out here. The Tea Pary has theirs.I joined and will mention Cain. There's his you tube. Subscribe and share vids. Maybe we can break out more. Laura has a Catholics 4 Cain message board.We're trying to increase membership.
I leave comments wherever i can with a message re Herman Cain and his url.
This is all internet.I"m going to find the flyer and business card print outs we can hand out locally.Draft Cain had a great idea;a Cain party where you invite ppl to watch Vids and pass out info.
The Sum Up:
Blog,Twitter,Facebook, Polls,Donations,Advertisement.Write your local papers and give a ringing endorsement of Herman Cain.
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