The "Testy" Herman it

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The "Testy" Herman it

The words that convinced me to get on the Cain Train to the White House might sur prise some. He included them in his C-pac speech*.In the vernacular of his grandfather Cain said, " I does not care." That was it! I got on board and am not getting off. The fact is this. Herman Cain does not care if he speaks the truth plain and simple. He doesn't use the lofty speak of Obama but then he doesn't use a teleprompter either. Lofty speech sounds intelligent to some but it's also called sophistry.Obama can say a lot without really saying anything.
Herman Cain can say a little and speak volumes.
He's not a seasoned politician like some on the campaign trail and i heard that he got testy with reporters.Evidently he raised his voice(God forbid)to one of them for doing the usual.So what if he " got testy" (not my words.)
This is what happens when you don't ask penetrating questions of Obama yet you use these gotcha questions to see if you can trap Mr. Cain.Then,after they get on with their stupid,they have the audacity to misquote or misrepresent if they actually do quote him accurately.I don't expect to see Mr Cain handle these people any differently down the road.He doesn't have to wax eloquent with these people.Like i said he's not a seasoned politician and that's a good thing. They'll say anything to get elected. I think Herman Cain will keep his agenda focused on a few issues and work at getting them done.He will also be honest with the American people and involve them. This in itself would be refreshing.He doesn't pretend to know it all. He will surround himself with the right people.Good.

ten signs
*you will find the C-Pac We Will Not Become The US of Europe speech in our video gallery
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