The Battle Can Be Won!

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The Battle Can Be Won! Empty The Battle Can Be Won!

First of all we need to get these pledgers up. The economy is in terrible shape and none of us have a lot to spare but if we can just give what we're able it will be brighter days ahead. Herman Cain cannot win on wishful thinking.If that were the case we know it'd be a done deal.
(He'd be in the WH NOW.) So this is a small investment with a big return.I know it's hard but we're short approx 1,500 pledgers. Get the word out. Twitter,Facebook-wherever else you go. There are pdf files you can print out for Herman Cain as well as business cards.If you have a printer-print em out and pass em around. Have a Herman Cain party.Show the videos.Pass out a biographical sheet you can print from here.If they impressed and you think they could get behind Mr Cain you can always request a pledge. We have to do what it takes.There's only a few days left.

Don't get discouraged. We know the Media and pundits are all on the same page and don't have the time of day for Mr.Cain.That's because they want their guy to win.
It's not because Herman Cain can't win.Of course he can. It's because they have their favored candidates. Nothing to do with whether or not Herman Cain is a viable candidate.The establishment wants us to be convinced and give up. This just tells me to keep fighting on and fight harder!
The Battle can be won.It's an uphill climb with all this stacked against Herman Cain but i remember that these same people were the ones who said he WOULDN'T get this far.He did.

I think some people are a little reluctant to make a commitment thinking he might not win. This is exactly why we have to pledge and/or get pledgers.It's unfortunate that campaigns are as expensive as they are;but that's the reality we have to face.If we want him to win we have to pledge.Know what-i honestly believe he can win.He has as much of a shot as the other candidates. If this country could elect a community organizer with no experience at all-none,nada,zip and a Socialist with a shady background to boot -we can certainly get a decent,patriotic man elected. Herman Cain has exactly the kind of experience needed. People say to me;Herman Cain has no experience.WRONG.Herman Cain has little political experience but that's not the only kind of experience life provides and it's not the most valuable.A community organizer with a shady background has the wrong kind of experience.Please pledge and get pledgers.If this horrible guy Obama could get elected then this decent and honorable man can get elected.Herman Cain will beat him. Count on it.PLEDGE TODAY!

I love you
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