It's one thing to be supportive,another to be underhanded

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It's one thing to be supportive,another to be underhanded

Normally i wouldn't blog about another candidate but this time have to make an exception.

I get that ppl are getting behind candidates they believe they can fully support.I also get that politics can be ugly if the candidate chooses not to rise above politics.A reason we like Herman Cain.He has remained civil to all the other candidates.He's saying hands off unless he's attacked first. He does have the right to defend himself and we also have the right to speak up for Mr Cain.That's not being negative. It's being real. However, there is a point at which people can become rude,nasty and underhanded. Case in point are the Ron Paul supporters.They're free to do 'whatever' (general term here encompassing all kinds of behavior) but whatever is not always right.i've seen them at Facebook,Twitter and You Tube. They go right after a candidate they perceive as being a threat to Dr. Paul.They think if they cut that candidate down by whatever means possible Ron Paul wins. The behavior at the RLC the other day was the last straw.They are free to disagree with Mr Cain's policy on Israel.They're entitled to free speech. They're even entitled to RUDE behavior-which it was-but enough is enough. We've all tried to get them to stop. We've tried ignoring them.It doesn't work. Dr Paul needs to speak to his supporters and it's up to him to encourage them to stop.It's his silence on these tactics that give me reason to believe he supports them. Sorry if i offend anyone here.NOT the intention.i I know there may be some Ron Paul supporters who don't support what is going on and to them we'll give credit. Overall though i think everyone is pretty disgusted with these ppl.
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