A Battle Lies Ahead

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A Battle Lies Ahead

We are going to have an uphill battle all the way but we've gotten this far when they said Herman Cain would not get this far. The GOP is going to continue to persuade various people to get into the race-and until Herman Cain actually wins the nomination they will do their utmost to get someone else to win.

The LSM and the pundits have made this abundantly clear.Mr Cain has suffered the worst betrayal of all.People he admired greatly made terrible comments about him that weren't necessary.O Reilly is correct in saying he doesn't cheer lead for various people but by that same standard he should never have commented that Herman Cain can't win.For one it's not true.For another it's just wrong to say that. Finally,for people who didn't know who Herman Cain was or were uncommitted as yet it gives them the FALSE impression they shouldn't vote for this person.

We don't care who they throw in the race-we are not going to be persuaded.
Here's what we really need to do though:
1. Think outside the box and get Herman Cain the name recognition he needs.
2.DONATE. I'd like to start the 1.00 for a 1,000 ppl drive. If you aren't in a financial position(thanks to BHO)to donate 10.00,20.00 or more to Herman Cain's fund there must be at least a 1,000 people who could donate 1.00 or 2.00 to his campaign.
3. If you're not sure how to go about getting the word out about Herman Cain any one of us would be glad to help you out'.One of us ' meaning one of us Cainiacs.
4. Vote in the online polls for Herman Cain-if one of the Cainiacs put it up. There have been some self serving polls put out by the Paul bots. Chances are it's stacked. There are some polls,such as the Fox news poll-that do have an impact.It creates a buzz and that's what Herman Cain needs for name recognition.
If we do those 4 things and fight to the finish Herman Cain WILL be our next President.Elected by the people,for the people-NOT the media,not the pundits,not the talking heads. The PEOPLE.
Trust me,they are going to continue to get candidates out here to try and get ppl to pick their guy.
We will keep telling them HERMAN CAIN.
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