American Politics Could Drive You Insane

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American Politics Could Drive You Insane Empty American Politics Could Drive You Insane

Right up front ppl going to tell you;am a DEVOUT Catholic. This means that whoever is running for Pres gets my vote if they support the values i hold near and dear(and that would be according to Church teaching).So anyone who would even infer that Herman Cain is on board with people who have same sex attraction is barking up the wrong tree.

If that were true why would i support him? Not going to happen. We have to spell this out.

1. Herman Cain said "gay marriage will destroy the moral fabric of America". I think that's clear enough. I don't think Mr Cain ever said that we ought to run people we have a problem with out of the country or that the Pres doesn't represent them also. This doesn't mean we have to sign up for their agenda . Politics in our country is such that we may as well give the candidates a questionnaire and make certain they are in total agreement with each of us. How does that work? Maybe at the very end we can ask,do you like hot fudge sundaes or strawberry milkshakes? And if Herman Cain doesn't like the same dairy treat we do he's history.I get exactly what Mr Cain was saying and it in no way contradicts his statement that "gay marriage will destroy the moral fabric of America."

On the flip side of this same coin you have a group of ppl called LGBT who oppose Herman Cain because they say he 'hates them.'
Herman Cain has been honest.WYSIWYG. These 2 sides are simply wrong.Eventually in American politics you are going to offend someone or some group.We know the LSM goes for these gotcha questions.

2. Someone asked me if i thought Herman Cain could build a consensus.I think most of the time he could get the American people to support certain policies but we can't sit around waiting for a concensus either. I don't think any candidate is going to get a concensus every time on every issue. This wouldn't be good governance and would not work anyway. However,i do think one of Mr Cain's greatest strengths is his ability to bring ppl together, talk WITH people and analyze the problems we face. I know that if he couldn't accomplish something he would go to the American people and tell them the truth.

3. Mr Cain has no skeleton's in his closet. We don't have to worry about being embarrassed by anything he would do in the WH. He does have moral clarity when it comes to his own life. You look at how people have lived their lives and Mr Cain has been a stand up guy in that regard.
4. Some in the gay community like Herman Cain and would even vote for him.
We should be surprised that there are people we don't normally agree with who might actually see some of the same character positives in Mr Cain that we do.
What are we going to tell them to do? NOT vote?

Look at the Pres we have now.This ANTI SEMITIC socialist who associates with Marxists and is supported so much by the LSM that they're willing to overlook those facts. They are even willing to overlook at 9% unemployment rate,record foreclosures, high gas prices,high energy prices, outrageous food prices for Mr Obama.

Herman Cain is a good candidate.The best. What we need here is to work hard, get behind him,ignore the goofy stuff (and it's bound to get goofier),stay focused(and inspired)and DONATE. The big obstacle is that Romney has money and lotts of it.
Anytime you see it getting butt ugly over Mr Cain and a statement suddenly thrown out there you can be sure he's gaining momentum. It's great that we finally have someone we are very enthused about.

The GOP establishment is still looking.

The alternative is to pick Herman Cain apart little by little because he just happens not to be perfect. Yes,some of these issues are complicated. Yes, some people will end up offended over one thing or another. Yes, the LSM,pundits, the GOP establishment and the liberals are all going to go after Herman Cain.You can be sure the greater his chances the uglier it will get. It can't be us doing this to him folks.
We have got to be even more focused and determined. It's been a heck of a battle for us and Mr Cain to get this far. We had to do it with little or no media coverage.

We had to put up with the GOP elites sticking their noses up.We had to put up with the Ronulans doing an all out blitz. We had to put up with the DNC sending out their hit squads(and this will get worse the closer the election gets). We have to do one thing for now.DONATE/BEAT ROMNEY/STAY UNITED.We can't fight the craziness of American politics all the time. We won't have any energy left for the real battles.
Look at the country we live in.The great debates will continue.I think Herman Cain can handle that.I've also heard from Dems who say,"I like this guy and could vote for him."

Again, i think that's because WYSIWYG.He connects w/ the American people and he believes that our country is great.
I think too having been in the segregated south and having parents that worked hard to achieve their dreams gives him an understanding of where they American people are at right now.I can't imagine him looking down his nose and talking us in a condescending manner. Not going to happen.
I see good things ahead with Mr Cain as our next President. For one,if things are going badly he's going to tell us things are going badly.

I'll debate with anyone on why gay marriage would destroy our country, why we are a people of life in this country and how the liberal agenda has wrecked our youth,our schools,our politics and taken us into a swamp. We should be able to have that debate. For now i'd rather focus on getting Herman Cain to beat Romney,win the nomination and finally the White House.

Unfortunately the GOP elites will get stuck on Romney now that they've scoured all over trying to drum up their dream candidate.
Our response: FIGHT BACK!
And PLS PLS donate to the Herman Cain campaign.We'll never match Romney's millions but we can get Mr Cain to be competitive. We can raise some Cain too.
Smile GO CAIN GO Smile
it's the silly season in America again. Sleep
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