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This one's for the LSM,pundits(aka talking heads) and a slew of GOP elites.There are some exceptions. They're just few and far between.
Thank you to the exceptions.


Now for the rest of you.
Pardon if this seems a little hostile but you folks have been ignorant.No matter how far Mr Cain comes along,all the polls he wins,all the support he continues to garner you ignore him and us both.
Let's begin with your notion that you are writing the narrative.You are trying to write the narrative.
What is this narrative?
1. Herman Cain cannot win.Really? You better take a closer look and see where he's come from and how far he's gotten.
2.He's not a viable candidate. Who decided this? Feed both of these lines to his supporters. We are going to write the ending on this narrative.You may wake up to a surprise in 2012.As Mr Cain might say,we didn't get your memo.

3.He has no real political experience. We say,THANK GOD!
There's no sordid affair hiding in the shadows. No questionable use of campaign funds.
No empty promises,bribery,corruption.
Can you imagine?
A candidate with some moral fiber.

So what should people look for in a candidate? Policy speak? I don't think so.
Here's what you should check out,BACKGROUND.
1. UPBRINGING.It makes a person who they are.
2. ASSOCIATIONS.birds of a feather flock together.You know a person by the company they keep.
3. ACHIEVEMENTS. What have they done with their life.It doesn't have to be in politics.
You check out the background and you have a good handle on whether this person is qualified to be President or not.
Had the LSM and talking heads done this kind of background check in 2008 we might not have the current occupant of the White House.
Like a Star @ heaven
Then the LSM jumped on responses Mr Cain gave on 2 questions.They concluded based on these 2 questions that he didn't have enough knowledge or experience in foreign policy.My take on this was,SO? Mr Cain strikes me as someone with enough intelligence to figure things out. Based on 2 questions though...get real.
The first was the question re the right of return.He didn't know what this meant and admitted it.
The other was re Afghanistan.If he's said it once he's said it a dozen times- he isn't going to make any decisions re this until he has all the info at hand.This isn't stupidity.It's just common sense.What we common folk know is that when the time comes and a decision has to be made Herman Cain is going to make the best possible decision and then he'll be honest with the American people.What a novel idea.

Now for the GOP establishment(aka elites).Message:quit trotting out a new name every week because you think YOU haven't found your candidate.We have a candidate that generates enthusiasm and love of country.
Shocked Shocked Shocked

We're convinced because he's convinced. Stop handing us the same old,worn out, wrapped up in a neat little package candidate.It's like the stale chicken salad sandwich we didn't want to eat last week.We're not going to eat it this week either.In fact we-the people-are going to write the finish to this narrative. We're going to vote Herman Cain. We would vote for him tomorrow if we could,but we'll take 2012.I don't think you get it. We do.
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