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evidently the liberals are nervous.they're going after Cain.The Ron Paul supporters are absolutely trying to destroy Cain. They think if they destroy Cain,Ron Paul wins.This is not the way to go about winning an election.I never intrude on the other candidates territory.Don't have to. If your candidate is as great as you think he/she is then you don't have to.However,if someone comes after Herman Cain directly through us-the Cain supporters-and attacks that's a whole other story. Fair game.

Here's the current hack jobs. Herman Cain is backpedaling on his no Muslims in cabinet position. Here's what Cain actually said,
“The reporter didn’t tell you this, I would have to have people totally committed to the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of this United States. And many of the Muslims – they are not totally dedicated to this country, they are not dedicated to our Constitution. Many of them are trying to force Sharia law on the people of this country.”

It doesn't sound like he is saying NEVER.It seems to me he is saying that anyone who is appointed would have to be TOTALLY COMMITTED to the Constitution and Declaration of Independence.Keep in mind that this same Constitution guarantees freedom of religion.
Here's Mr Cain on Cavuto re the topic.

Next,i hear that Herman Cain backpedaled on an audit of the Fed Reserve.
People are trying to claim that he is now AGAINST an audit of the Fed Reserve.What Mr Cain ACTUALLY said is that although he would not push for an audit of the Fed Reserve;he would not oppose it either.

Bottom line is that he's not against it-would not try to stop it-but it would not be a top priority either.That's a far cry from what the hack attack is saying.These people are now claiming Herman Cain is opposed to an audit of the Fed.Two different things.

Next hack job: Mr Cain is weak on foreign policy.This was perpetuated because he didn't say EXACTLY what he would do in Afghanistan. He said he would wait until he was privy to all the facts and advice from folks on the ground before he would determine what he would do in Afghanistan.Well,i'm sorry people,that just makes sense.

Look what Obama promised he would do on the campaign trail.He spelled it out exactly:
1. CLOSE DOWN GITMO WITHIN 1 yr Guess what?He got into office and decided to leave it open.
2. We would be out of Afghanistan.He committed MORE troops.
3. The terrorists would be given civilian trials.Guess what? Yep,military trials.
Those are 3 i can think of off the top of my head.Something tells me there's more.

You see what Herman Cain said does make sense.When you start spelling out policies while you're a candidate and not having all the facts a President is privy to can be a huge mistake. It's very possible those positions have to change once your in office.Better to admit it than start the usual political speak.

Let's think about this too.We are NEVER going to have a candidate we will agree on 100% on all issues.If i wanted someone who agreed with me totally on every single issue i would run myself.
We cannot have people govern by consensus. It just wouldn't work would it?
This group wants a Muslim out cabinet.This group says protect freedom of religion.This group wants an audit of the fed.Another group doesn't think this should be a high priority.

ON and ON. it becomes damned if you do and damned if you don't.What we want in a President-and this is why I'm voting Herman Cain-is a person who believes in God,himself and our country.Someone who has faith in the American people and believes in the American dream.Someone who cares that the unemployment rate is at 9%, that we have inflation,that gas prices are out of control and the dollar is losing value.Another words, problems that affect each and every citizen.

Herman Cain is a very intelligent man.I"m sure he can tackle some of these issues when the time comes. Herman Cain is a man who deeply loves this country. Herman Cain is a man of the people. Herman Cain also said he would surround himself with good people admitting this is not a job one can do by himself.I'm sure if we get a man like Herman Cain in office the rest will take care of itself.

If we have to have the perfect candidate-someone who agrees totally with each of us 100%-we're going to end up with Obama again.We're not looking for a god.We're voting for a President.

Some of the other attacks on Herman Cain have just been silly. Evidently people are trying to dig up dirt and unable to find some scandal-some skeleton hidden in the closet-they are getting desperate.
I can tell you this.He would not be partying in Europe or the WH,taking a vacation or playing golf while the south was hit with tragedy. He would not try to solve problems with a beer summit photo op.
and God Bless Herman Cain
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