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Call us crazy but my husband and I have been saying for a long time that there should be a cap on campaign funds-every candidate gets x amount of dollars and that's it. Make do. It just seems so totally unfair that some people come in with a million dollar war chest and others have to struggle to raise it. I know-life's not fair but this is totally out of whack.

That said,it's not the way it is and candidates must take in as much cash as possible.It's the way it is. IF we want Herman Cain to win badly enough-and WE DO-we must get the word out AND get donations. Nobody likes to ask for money especially with the economic conditions our country is in but there's no choice.PLS PLS Donate and don't think your amount is too small and won't do any good.We have to do this folks. Our candidate has the message. Our candidate can win. Our candidate will do what it takes to get that message out-but there's a chance he might not win for lack of being able to compete cash wise and that would be a shame.

This is definitely THE most important election in our lifetime.It determines the course our country will take for generations and could see our country dramatically change from what we know and love and respect. This is not an exaggeration and i think we all know it.

We may not see Herman Cain inaugurated if the campaign doesn't get a larger war chest.

PLS PLS if you can only donate 5.00.That's great.Even 1.00.Whatever YOU can contribute IS going to make the difference.

And please get this message out.
TO DONATE GO TO http://arealleader.com and share that link.
We can work on name recognition.Have to.We also have to work on donations.I know we're very charitable and are probably just about strung out in these times but it's critical that we donate whatever we can.PLS.Giving up is not an option!

I love you ------------------ thankufrog
God Bless you and God bless Herman Cain
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