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Post by Cain's The Main on Sat May 21, 2011 10:58 am

we still have some naysayers(like "Chuck" @the Washington Post)but didn't we have a ton of naysayers who said Herman Cain wouldn't get THIS far?
Herman Cain started out on this venture with little to no name recognition,true?
The MSM(INCLUDING FOX)ignored him,true?
The pundits were throwing out names left and right,all but Cain,true?
Look where The Cain Train is now.I remember one comment from Facebook that said we had to create a "buzz". Nobody was hardly saying squid about Herman Cain at this point.Think there's a buzz now?
The naysayers will now say,"they(the Cainiacs) won't actually vote for him as the nominee". Next, they will say we won't vote for him for Pres.
Know what we the ppl say?

Laughing GO CAIN GO Laughing
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