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I've been finding Herman Cain blogs here and there but not as many as i thought i would find. Anyone want to blog? Could use some blogs out there.
2.Also, PLS PLS use this message board and invite ppl. It gets all Cain supporters into one spot.Huck's Army had (and still does btw)one terrific message board.We became like one big family.We encouraged each other. Gave out info. When there was a poll somewhere for Huck we were there.

The encouragement and support was terrific. Ok.Everyone worked in a different state of course but the unity of being able to meet up in one place helped immensely.

Huck's army started with 2 guys and a message board.
3.Again, Bloggers for Cain would be terrific.
4. Write letters to the editor.Newspapers still have some pull.
5. Polls may seem stupid-i personally can't stand them.Someone is always taking a poll somewhere.It's like they have to take the pulse of ppl every other day. Some polls carry more weight than others and some are slanted no doubt.However, most don't take a second to enter and when they do count it matters.It's a way to create 'buzz.'

In the end all that matters is the vote but we gotta get there first.
6. This may sound terrible but i want to warn you up front.The biggest opponent won't be the Dems at this point.It's the Ronulans. I can tell you from experience when Gov Huckabee ran these Ron Paul supporters were nasty and relentless. Don't put it past them not to use underhanded tactics.NOT ALL-but a lot of them.
I hate to bad mouth anyone but this is the truth. Some of them honestly think if they can take Herman Cain down this gets their guy elected.
And they will do anything. They're on twitter and aggressive as all get out.
As soon as i figure it's a Ronulan they get BLOCKED.Make your own call.
7. Donate. As much as i don't like to talk money it just happens to be something campaigns can't do without. It's gotten ridiculous the amount of money a candidate has to spend to run a campaign but that's the way it is. We have a great candidate!
All the money in the world doesn't guarantee an election-it's the candidate and the message and we are very fortunate Mr Cain got into the race.It still takes money.Unfortunately our current Pres has made sure we don't have a lot to spare.Let's just do the best we can do. Never think a donation is too small.
I noticed on Facebook a lot of ppl liked the site-clicked the like button.Now if all the people that clicked like would have donated.A like button is not a donation button.I don't know that people got the gist of that.It seems more ppl would have donated so i wondered.
8.if you really can't donate-we do have circumstances-just donate what time you can or do any one of these other free things you can do. All of these things help.
Retweet the site.Click like and share it. It does help!!! The one thing we will ALL do when the time comes is VOTE and that counts more than anything else.
We just have to make sure we get Herman Cain there so we can do that.
BTW.This is amazing.The one thing we truly do have is our dedication to Mr Cain.
There's soft support for the other candidates.They've found OUR support for Herman Cain is very strong and that we are not going to swayed. It's called a high positive intensity score.We don't care what they call it-we just know our guy is TERRIFIC,can win and will make a great Pres.

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