Orders of Battle post two

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Orders of Battle post two Empty Orders of Battle post two

Post by closedanger on Tue May 17, 2011 11:19 pm

With his two part plan, he sets the country up for immediate economic resurgence.

1) Lower the corporate tax rate to 25 percent from 35 percent. Cain said the US is the only country to not have lowered the corporate tax rate in the last 15 years.

2) Take the capital gains tax rate to zero. Cain said it would encourage investments in US businesses and create jobs.

3) Take the tax rate on the repatriation of foreign profits for US companies to zero. Cain said this money, currently around $1 trillion for US companies, isn’t coming back anyway because of existing taxes on repatriating them. Taking away that tax would encourage investments in US businesses and create jobs.

4) Cut the entire 6.2 percent payrolls tax for workers and employers for 1 year. Cain said it would give American workers a 6.2 percent pay raise and “guarantee” that the US economy grows faster. Cain believes smart tax cuts like these are self-financing, meaning they’ll pay for themselves by stimulating the economy and raising the tax revenues.

5) Make the tax rates permanent or indefinite. Cain said uncertainty on tax rates is “killing investments” in the US economy.

Debt ceiling- no vote. Pay only the debt interest and the military. (He mentioned 3 but I didn't get the 3rd.)

Part Two - Once conditions of success are sold to the Public and are working:

- Drill here and drill now for our own Natural resources - time to pay ourselves.

- Fair Tax

- Repeal ‘Obamacare’ and replace it with a more patient-centered legislation.

- Cut government spending across the board, then drill down and eliminate wasteful programs and agencies.

- Change Social Security to something similar to the Chilean model of personal retirement account option.

General ideas, yes. Ideas Americans may understand? Also yes.
His plan needs to be posted on all of his sites if possible and if I have missed anything, please let me know.

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Orders of Battle post two Empty Re: Orders of Battle post two

Post by HSValabama4cain on Wed May 18, 2011 4:04 pm

Herman Cain will educate America on the Fair Tax! Down with the IRS!

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