The Decision of Gov Huckabee

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The Decision of Gov Huckabee Empty The Decision of Gov Huckabee

This is a heads up first.When Gov Huckabee ran in the last election i was on board all the way. Right towards the end as the race went to Texas it looked like Mike was actually going to overtake McCain and win Texas.He had a lot of momentum going into the state and we all knew it was his alamo.Win Texas,win the race.Well,it didn't happen.The GOP had done their coronation and McCain won. However,Gov Huckabee was still on the ballot in our state and i proudly voted for him.

This time around the one thing i decided early on was that Obama HAD to be defeated.Whoever ran would have to beat him.
I hadn't decided anything yet-who to support and vote for but it most likely would have been Gov Huckabee.Then Herman Cain put up his exploratory committee.I had never heard of Herman Cain,but had to watch the C-Pac convention on C-Span. That was it! I had to learn more about Herman Cain. Everything i read,heard and learned was just more convincing.

In the meantime Gov Huckabee had not decided whether to run or not. I had the funny feeling he wasn't going to throw his hat in the ring.Didn't seem like.
Nothing he did or said indicated an interest.It had to be a tough decision though. He had done this once-and he did have a lot of support.

Of course,he finally made the announcement. He was honest with himself and the most important relationship in his life. I hate to say but i actually felt a little sadness of heart. Mike's a good man.Some folks might criticize him but you have to think about it.He has a successful book career.

He has a show he seems to really enjoy and has good ratings. He still supports conservative ideals,principles and candidates. Now if he ran it would take money(lotts of it).It's grueling work being in a campaign. You (and these days your family) are scrutinized very closely.Every word you say,every move you make is under scrutiny and after all that and millions of dollars later there is always that SLIGHT possibility you could lose.

i'm sure he asked himself if he wanted to give up something he really enjoyed,had security, still promoted his conservatism for the insecurity of a Presidential run.

Next,i went over to Huck's Army forum(a great forum btw)to see about putting in a word for Herman Cain.When i got there and read some of the posts i just didn't have the heart.

These people were really taking it hard and i had to ask myself would i want someone to mention another candidate when i was still heart broke over my own?

The battle was hard enough in the last race-the GOP picked their favored guy and Huck really had to depend on the grassroots. All that just to have McCain win-and of course McCain got stomped but big time in the end.

We won't even go there.
Had the GOP listened to the ppl and let them pick their own(Huckabee)we might not have Obummer in the White House. Word:let's not let them do this again.I think a lot of them are already trying to pull on Herman Cain what they did on Gov Huckabee. The MSM,including Fox,are DELIBERATELY ignoring him.

At first i thought it might be just me-oh no.There are a number of other ppl who have noticed.They've gotten too obvious.They throw him crumbs now and then;patronize him.I have to admit Cavuto's at least given him some air time to talk business issues. Fox news in general has been terrible and the Hannity show(i always stick up for that guy too);he's doing his utmost best to avoid even mentioning Herman Cain.

We don't expect these people to support one candidate or another but they could at least be the fair and balanced they claim to be and give us the stories.That's what they're SPOZED to do.
I thought for awhile it was turning into TRUMP TV(still wonder).

The Huckabee supporters will get their wind back over time and they will probably look for a candidate they can get behind.I have the feeling a number of them will like what they see in Herman Cain and come looking for him.I'll check back with Huck's Army forum later on in the race and see how folks are doing.For now,i think they need time.

and God Bless Herman Cain. He's the man!
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