Have to check this out today!

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Have to check this out today! Empty Have to check this out today!

also Herman Cain speaks up about "Common" invite to WH.
Cain Slams Obama for Bringing 'Poisonous' Rapper to White House
From Newsmax: http://www.newsmax.com/InsideCover/cain-herman-obama-poisonous/2011/05/11/id/396048

On a personal note i called the White House and expressed exactly how i felt about this rapper being invited.Yes,Common has freedom of speech. Yes,Common can rap about any topic he likes. However,this was not the person that deserved a WHITE HOUSE invite by our own President. My own son listened to rap so if anyone gets the notion that i have a vendetta against rap they are wrong.Don't care for a lot of it myself because of the topics but nothing against rap per se. Everyone has their own tastes.
This invite lacked common sense and sensitivity.It was a slap in the face to law enforcement and the dignity the office of President ought to maintain.
.Not the worst thing Obama has ever done but if you couple it with some of his other comments re police you can get a small picture of how he thinks.He did attend Rev Wright's church. That alone says a great deal.It's no wonder he had no problem inviting Common but he should have at least used good judgment.Nuff said.
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