Herman Cain MUST Be A Threat To Dems

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Herman Cain MUST Be A Threat To Dems Empty Herman Cain MUST Be A Threat To Dems

maybe you've noticed 2 ppl on Twitter,Victoria 29 and her cohort Angela TC.Checked out their profiles and as far as i can tell they are Democrats.
Could be wrong but they definitely have an agenda and they MAY be supporting Obama.Their plain is to get ppl to question Herman Cain.Inject doubt.Note that when they mention Cain's position on certain issues they say he(Cain)MAY have. I MAY have won the lottery at some point in my life but don't stake your life on it.
Their source: Wikipedia. This is the best they can do?
Get a few responses from Victoria or Angela re Herman Cain and you'll see.They do nothing BUT trash and attack him.
There's red flags all over these 2 and the best bet is to ignore them totally.
Trust me,if we would question them hard enough they would head for the hills.

Their target is Herman Cain because he is definitely gaining traction.The good thing about this is that we now know for sure they think Herman Cain is a real threat to Obama.
They're afraid of Cain.
If it were another candidate they would be attacking the other candidate;whoever they THINK might run against the Pres will be a target.
Some Ron Paul supporters are very open minded people and great to talk to.Some Ron Paul supporters (sorry to say)are nasty and when they think another candidate is getting in Ron Paul's way they go on the attack too.
Note i said SOME.Am not making an accusation against all Ron Paul supporters.Just be aware that we might get head slapped by some of his folks.

The bottom line is that things could get ugly the more traction Cain gets.The Cain Train keeps rolling(right to Pennsylvania Avenue).
We've got a great candidate in Herman Cain. We just have to keep our eyes peeled for folks like this then get back to spreading the good word.

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