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To our fellow #Cainiacs.You folks are terrific-we can't help that we have a great candidate.This post is probably not going to tell you anything you don't already know but i'm putting it up more for the folks who will try to 'head slap' us. It's a good sign in a way.We know The Cain Train is moving.Well,opponents know the Cain Train is moving and they are on the attack already. It's a shame.However,we know we won't be swayed.
The harder those ppl fight against him,the harder we will fight for him and then we will use the power of the VOTE.This,my friends,has the final say.

There are several kinds of candidates; the viable(they stand a chance),the great-that's Herman Cain.The perfect is non existent.No one can ever find a candidate they agree with 100% on all the issues.Herman Cain will have pluses..like all ppl. And minuses..like all ppl. So it comes down to a very few things

.Qualities. Character.
What Herman Cain has is the ability to lead.Solve problems.USE common sense.He's a leader.This makes him a great candidate. He believe in us and he definitely believes in America! He speaks straight and to the point.This also makes him a great candidate.I've heard ppl criticize and say he just gives sound bytes.Not true.

He says what he means and means what he says.If that does make a good sound byte so be it.(If they did their homework they would know what we know). That said,he really does say what he means and means what he says.I've mentioned it several times but it's worth mentioning again.WYSIWYG with Mr Cain.

Now on the down side of a race-the attacks. Some Ron Paul supporters have this nasty habit of when they see a candidate other than their own rise in the race they go on the attack.i know from a past race that some of these ppl jammed Gov Huck's phone bank. They also put up a message board that vilified Gov Huck. If you have a great candidate you don't have to do this. You don't build one person up by tearing down another. I'm not going to say ALL Ron Paul supporters are nasty but be aware.Some can be and when Herman Cain gains even more traction they will really have a reason to go after Mr Cain.They're not worried about going after the other candidates supporters either.This is not meant to be offensive.I'm sorry but it's true.

This is a very desperate and demeaning way to try to get your candidate the nomination.
It isn't going to help beat Obama one iota.
In fact,it could help him get elected and then your guy loses anyway.
Think about this RP supporters.We are facing one of THE most important elections(if not THE)of our lifetime.It will determine the direction our country takes for better or for worse.We know we're on the wrong track.This is why we've joined the Cain Train.To get the country on the right track.We cannot let Obama win by default.What a disaster that would be. Give it some thought.Do the right thing.

We #Cainiacs can try to stay positive. This doesn't mean taking an attack lying down either.
We have the right to defend Mr Cain.
We can keep it positive and still defend Herman Cain.
All we have to do is give ppl the info and invite them to join the Cain Train to the WH. If they still decide on another candidate that's fine.We at least tried.We're probably not going to get every single person to vote for Herman Cain.It sure would be nice;but if we can get a majority of ppl to vote for Herman Cain that's good enough!
We just have to give ppl the info.

Watch sources.I saw one person going after Mr Cain by posting an article from Wikipedia.This is their source? !!!! Pls.They will have to do better than that.
Beware of citations from Wikipedia. Sometimes they don't cite the source and they might count on us not checking it out.WRONG. Not on our watch.
Like a Star @ heaven
The libs are really desperate.They're sending messages to Mr Cain that we're going to "throw him under the bus."

We know Herman Cain is way smarter than that.
Nice try though for these ppl. Good for a chuckle.We're on the Cain Train!
If that's the best they can do Herman Cain has a darned good shot!

Honestly there is no better candidate than Herman Cain. He can win. He can beat Obama. This is the candidate we need! Just be on the look out.The attacks have begun and they could get vicious . The Cain Train will keep moving all the way to the White House.

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