Letter To Herman Cain

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Letter To Herman Cain

Post by Cain's The Main on Tue Apr 26, 2011 9:27 am

Here is the letter written to Herman Cain.The author and link at the end.
Friday, April 22, 2011
My Letter To Herman Cain
This is a letter I drafted and sent to Mr. Cain

Dear Mr. Cain,

I would like to thank you for everything you have done, and will do for this country. This is the first time in my life where I actually believe a candidate will do what they promise, rather than give lip service. This country is in great peril and unless we make an immediate change, we will be like every other empire in the history of the world and crumble. I believe there are very few people who can have an immediate impact on this country and you are one of those people! As you move forward in your Presidential campaign, I think you would want to fill your staff with people who are like minded as you. I would love the opportunity to discuss any positions paid or unpaid available within your campaign and I have included my number below.

Candidates make so many false promises on the campaign trail. They lie, cheat, and will do just about anything to get reelected. They sell their souls, just to maintain their power. Our politicians are suppose to be noble and do what is best for this country, not what is best for them. Establishing term limits into our system will rid the lifetime politicians and open the way for citizens to step up and do what is best for this country. I believe that we must change the system and remove reelections completely. We can increase the number of years a representative can stay in office, but reelection must be removed. Without having reelections, our representatives will no longer waste crucial time on the campaign trail and will now spend that time working for us instead of themselves. Abandoning reelections would instantly stop the powerful lobbying groups because candidates will no longer need their money to get reelected. Lobbying groups will still exist because candidates still need their money to get elected. However, with no reelection our representatives will no longer be held captive by these powerful groups.

Another reform that will immediately boost the economy is the FairTax. This plan will instantly give back the power to the people like never before. No longer will the citizens of this great country be held hostage by those who are fiscally irresponsible. The Fair Tax will single handily keep our country at the top of the international food chain. Businesses that have left and gone over seas will begin to come back, while other companies from around the world will begin to invest back into America.

There has never been a time in our history when our country was so fragile. We need people to step up, make a stand, and take back our country. The people are starting to wake up and listen to what the Tea Party and you stand for. I truly believe our citizens are not dumb, even if the mainstream media tries to convince us otherwise. The media is correct when they say Americans hold tightly to their guns, beliefs, and religion, because that is exactly what makes America great. If the media would actually report the news instead of shoving their agenda down our throats, the landscape in America would be very different.

This country desperately needs to change the course we are currently undertaking. No longer should we hire politicians who have not worked a day of their life in the real world. We need people like you who have been in the trenches and understand how business works. We need a business leader to take the reins of this country and run it like a profitable business, and you have the opportunity to do this. No business would ever survive if they ran up a deficit and continued to be so fiscally irresponsible. I personally would not want to work for a company that continues to run up a deficit like our country . I believe many of our politicians have no intention of paying back their debt and that goes against every moral bone in my body. I am sure that if the money runs out, our politicians will back-talk their way out and say that is was not their fault...it was someone else's.

I know you will be the one who can "Take Back Our Government" to what it once was. I would be forever grateful to be a part of your presidential campaign. I doubt there will ever be another opportunity for me to do something so meaningful and I want to be a part of the greatest transformation this country will ever see. I have no political background other than watching the news seven days a week. Like you, I have been in the business world and learned how to grow and maintain a very successful business. I helped grow a company that had 2 employees into a multimillion company with over 25 employees. That is exactly the American Dream and why small businesses are the backbone of this country. As you move forward in your Presidential campaign, I think you would want to fill your staff with people who are like minded as you. Now is the time to "buck the system" and get rid of the politicians and put in place those citizens who care as deeply as we do about this country.

I hope this letter inspires you just as you have inspired me!!

You are truly one of the great ones, and I will pray to God so that I may be a part of something that will be so special. I would love the opportunity to discuss any positions paid or unpaid available within your campaign and I have included my number below.

Joe Losurdo
Source: Washington Now Blogspot

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