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Send Citizen Cain to Washington

Post by Cain's The Main on Sat Apr 16, 2011 8:41 am

by Steve Foley

I came across a great article written by a college freshman from Short Hills, N.J. named Alexander Wald and thought you’d all like it as much as I did!

From The Emory Wheel:

Herman Cain

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It is time to change the man at the helm who has the abilities to rebuild our economy and defend America’s global stature. The man for the job is no other than local Atlanta resident Herman Cain.

Most people have never heard of Mr. Cain before, a negative in a national political culture partially defined by one’s name recognition. He isn’t a career politician or a community organizer. He is an entrepreneur who has lived the American dream.

This is a man who began with virtually nothing. His first job was as a chauffeur for Pillsbury. From there, Cain worked hard and rose through the business’ ranks, eventually becoming one of the company’s corporate vice presidents.

Unlike others who would simply cash in with such success, Cain sought to take on new challenges. He transferred to managing a poor performing Burger King region and was able to turn it around in 3 years to the best performing region. Following this, he was tapped to become CEO of nearly bankrupt Godfather Pizza, which he turned around by instituting a better management model. Since then, he has served on the Federal Reserve Board in Kansas and as Chairman of the National Restaurant Association.

Since he jumped into the political scene by opposing Hillarycare in 1994, he has been a vocal leader in the national conservative movement.
Source: From Citizens 4 Cain
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