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heads up.Am going to create a new category and post ALL the Herman Cain videos in one place.Noticed today they are scattered throughout various categories.It'd be nice to have them all in one spot.
Will get to it sometime (this)Sat.
Naturally it will get tweeted.
Another discovery today.Ended up at the poll.Herman Cain's name is on the list(kudos,better than some)but he's not doing that well.
What makes a major difference in these online polls is how many supporters actually show up to vote.
The candidate with the most supporters voting wins.
Which means Herman Cain can take first on these polls,but we gotta be there.Now these online polls might seem like a huge waste of time. Could be except for one thing.They do create buzz.
We all know,of course,that what matters in the end is who votes,not who polls.
Get that,but we also need to create a buzz and it seems to be an uphill battle.
We've done a great job of getting the Cain Train moving-of course we have a gr8 candidate.We get the word out it will make a huge difference.The elites have been marginalizing Cain.The good news is,there's more of us than there are of them and WE have the final say.
Anyway,pls try to vote in these polls.
If there's anyone out there who likes to blog or wouldn't mind blogging we could set up some Herman Cain blogs at lot of conservatives frequent Townhall.
Good place to blog about Cain.Anyone interested? I am going to start as soon as i have a min or two.
Can't be in 50 places at once.(Am trying).
Here's the link to the poll.
If you're interested in blogging there let me know and i'll grab that url for you.
If you're interested in a Herman Cain blog at all,holler.
God Bless,
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